The target of ICO is over 10,000 bitcoin, how can ACCHAIN make this?

For the digital currency industry, the advantage of ICO is not only focus on the crowdfunding but also showed on industrial features, policies and investors’ reaction.

ICO allows investors participate at any time, which provides them a positive possibility of high-liquidity. This liquidity will lead to a higher premium valuation of the project.

Considering the volatility of ICO media bitcoin or competitive currency prices, the official can not accurately define the value of the project, or within forced to make the appropriate adjustments in an uncertain time period. But as a unique way of financing, in block chain industry, ICO is still in the early stages of development. It is also true that many investors will choose to invest blindly, follow the trend of investment. Therefore, good and healthy financing environment is particularly necessary in the ICO development.

Chinese investors have a dominance in the world, Whether it is the previous bitcoin or other cryptocurrency trading volume, the basic service facility of digital money is still based in China, It also depends on the domestic market is full of rich speculative atmosphere. In terms of geography and rhythm, ICO is carried out simultaneously on a global scale, The chain of assets has a unique model. The ICO of ACCHAIN has its unique pattern compared with other the global ICO from its location to time cycle.

Many foreign ICO projects treat China market as the best option. Firstly, they should have Chinese white paper. Secondly, they will connect with Chinese ICO platforms. Finally, the project needs to find a person or a company to endorse, and then through the media and the first users build up the community. Specifically, trading by BTC or ETC reduces the difficulty of crowdfunding. That means whether the project can be successful or not, it needs on Chinese investors.

The ICO of the ACCHAIN is synchronised globally in the US, UK, Cambodia and China. ACCHAIN launches its ICO directly on its official website ( with no cooperation with other professional ICO platforms in China, which means to lose some users and advantages. ACCHAIN officially announced that the progress of overseas ICO will be faster than that of China because of the property of the ACCHAIN itself.

Using the tech of blockchain digitalizes the assets and forms the tokens. At the same time, all kinds of tokens issued on the ACCHAIN have to obey the community agreement. Millions of the assets based on the ACCHAIN will be circulated on it. This is the concept and the value of the ACCHAIN development.

There are many types of tokens on the underlying agreement of the ACCHAIN, such as equity certificates, income certificates, commodity exchange media, etc. Therefore, the first application of it must be done primarily. They not only need to implement the application, but also are facing to promote the ICO. Because the time is limited, the operational team of ACCHAIN said that “the task is not easy, but we have confident to reach our goal.”

In the process of application, ACCHAIN takes good advantage of foreign companies that have the demand of digitization as the starting point, relying on its strong resources of foreign companies and healthy investment environment. On May 16th,2017, ACCHAIN agreed to cooperate with Serene Country Homes, a real estate developer based in the US, and launched an RET (real estate token) project. The project has been public on RET is a part of the layout in the ecosystem of ACCHAIN. This community will attract more high-quality assets. The most urgent thing ahead of ACCHAIN is its crowdfunding and the integration of the foreign resources, which require ACCHAIN to put the development theory into every step of project.

“It is very important to keep optimistic. We believe that with the understanding of ACCHAIN, the investors will recognize its value. If a project is developing radically, even the manager would be at lost. Thus, we do hope that ACCHAIN can develop fast but stably to realize the actual goal. “ the operational team of ACCHAIN said.

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