Introducing Strike, a stripe-like API for Lightning

TL; DR: We are releasing an early version of Strike, an API and dashboard that makes it easy to accept Lightning payments.

Six months ago we released Starblocks, a virtual coffee shop that demonstrates what the experience of using Lightning could be for the end user. Since then, we have repeatedly been asked to share how one could build the same kind of service. Today, we are releasing the API that has powered Starblocks since the beginning.

Why an API for Lightning?

We believe that some businesses may be interested in a tradeoff where they get most of the benefits of Lightning, while keeping their integration costs as low as possible. This is what Strike is about: add Lightning payments to your business in no time and with as little impact on your operations as possible.

With Strike, receiving Lightning payments will look very familiar to any web developer: it boils down to making an API call and listening to a webhook event.

How does it work? We receive lightning payments on your behalf, aggregate them and periodically send an onchain bitcoin transaction to your wallet.

In other words, you can offer instant and cheap payments to your customers, and you still get paid with the good old onchain Bitcoin transactions that you are used to.

Wait… doesn’t that make you a trusted 3rd party?

Yes, it does, but our service only requires a minimum level of trust, because we send you an onchain Bitcoin transaction whenever the aggregate amount reaches a configurable threshold.

For example, if you set your withdraw threshold at 0.2 BTC, then you would never trust us for more than 0.2 BTC.

How much will you charge for this service?

We are still working out the details, but the basic idea would be:

  • a flat fee per Lightning transaction;
  • automatic withdrawals (with a minimum aggregate amount): free, we pay the bitcoin network fees;
  • manual withdrawals (any amount): you pay the network fees.

How do I get started?

Go to, create an account, read the doc and receive your first payments!

Strike works on Bitcoin Testnet for now, switching to Mainnet will be seamless.

Interested? Want to know more?

Contact us at