Our motto for everything.

The only social virtual experience that has ever, truly mattered.

I knew of it, but looked at it from afar — studying user behaviour, the economy, identity, and the whole concept of living in a world within a world. All of it fascinated me, but it wasn’t me. I wasn’t drawn to spend time in it, but I knew it was big and had a future.

Fast forward a few years, beyond the peak of Second life and enter the dawn of virtual reality. Propelled by a talk at VRLA aptly named Keeping VR Human, I was curious about what social worlds looked like beyond Altspace VR. …

Existence and integrity in a new paradigm.

In a virtual world, where the ‘user’ no longer exists — it is because you, the user, aren’t you anymore.

You are someone, something, multiple things, perhaps nothing — existent in a world to navigate and create your own stories through the context of the designed experience you find yourself in.

In web paradigms, the ‘user’ described a human interaction in the most functional way possible. A user; someone who uses your products. What about people who think, feel and respond emotionally to the worlds you create?

All experiences have the capacity to change us, and what you will appreciate…

How ACME Virtual came to be.

ACME Virtual, our mixed reality venture and hyperreality lab, was born out of the desert — a flat plain free of preconceptions on which lies infinite possibilities.

The name was inspired by a conversation one of our founders had about the fake corporation ‘ACME’ in roadrunner while driving through Palm Springs. With virtual reality also being a ‘false’ reality, and the multiplication of two negatives equalling a positive, ACME Virtual was born.

(-) x (-) = +

ACME Virtual is symbolised through the coyote.

The spirit of the coyote represents a guide of unorthodox methods and teaches through ways that do not appear straightforward. Through…

Why we should learn to embrace the uncomfortable in VR.

Uncomfortable things happen in the real world all the time.

We bump into people. We spill things.

We get misheard.

We break up, we fall down.

We get upset, we stress out.

Uncomfortable things happen in virtual reality all the time.

The technical glitches are horrifying. Being trapped between worlds or caught up in the graphics is like being stuck inside a website that’s frozen on you. Only it’s 3D and you can’t escape for an excruciating minute or two.

Sometimes your controllers don’t move with you, momentarily feeling like you don’t have hands because the movement you are doing…

What do we do when our curiosities outweigh what’s accepted in new realities?

The first thing I want to do when I meet someone in VR is try and interact with them. Not the nice kind of interaction that I would do if I met someone in real life. Sometimes I poke them in the face or I shove them or throw a chair or anything I can find at them.

I don’t put much thought behind it, rather I let curiosity take over me and wonder ‘what will happen if...’

It’s human nature to be tactile. Touch is so incremental to brain development as children that as we continue to grow into…

ACME Virtual

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