Since its inception, RecSys has been a place to build a community. What started with 117 people meeting in Minnesota in 2007 has grown to over 750 converging next week on Vancouver, BC for its 12th edition.

Our driving principle in planning RecSys 2018 has been to maintain that sense of community even as the numbers grow. We wanted to facilitate rich conversations among colleagues in a wide range of settings, experiences, and disciplines: industry and academia, human and algorithmic emphases, students and established scholars, and countries around the world that have been the hallmark of RecSys.

To that end, we’ve brought back the single-track format from the earlier days of the conference. This will make it possible for everyone to hear both the state of the art in new research and fresh perspectives from our industry speakers. The result will be fast-paced technical sessions interspersed with more reflective keynotes and our industry talks. …

Our community beyond the RecSys conference

As we approach our 12th year of ACM RecSys conferences, it is important to highlight how our community has grown from the conference into more informal and smaller groups and activities around the world. Today, we highlight three of those groups in Amsterdam, London and New York.

The Recsys Amsterdam group, originally started in 2013 has now grown into a community of almost 500 people, who meet 3–4 times a year to discuss RecSys topics, with a focus on the startup and industry sphere.

Reaching hundred attendees in some of their events, the group has a clear purpose: “to increase the cross-pollination and exposure between academia and industry”, and the speaker lineup for each event reflects that purpose. …

In this post, we present a very opinionated list of 10 RecSys papers everyone should read. The first five papers are the top-5 most rated papers according to the ACM digital library (out of a list of 925 papers published). These five papers account for ~ 12% of all the RecSys conference papers citations!

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The RecSys2017 Venue in Lake Como, Italy

Every year after RecSys, our community takes the time to reflect and write summaries and reviews of the conference. Wether you could not make it to the conference, or you missed a session, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on what others are thinking. Here goes the list of all the #RecSys2017 summaries published so far*

Daniel Kershaw wrote a review of the main topics of the conference, and some papers and presentations he found interesting [link]

Gustavo Penha wrote a summary of the main topics in the conferences and his personal toughts about some of the articles presented…

We have decided to collect all the slides from the 2017 ACM Recommender Systems conference and make them available in this post for everyone. During the following weeks, we will keep adding links. If you are missing the slides from your talk, please contact @acmrecsys on twitter

Keynotes: The slides for all the keynotes that we have been able to collect are available here. For a full program, check our website



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