2nd INSPIRE Conference 2017: Identity, Impact and Voice — Celebration of Women in Computing

On 12th May 2017, ACM-W UK professional chapter organised the 2nd “INSPIRE Conference — Identity, Impact and Voice” in collaboration with ACM student chapter at University of Hertfordshire. The conference was attended by nearly 50 university students and academics from all over the UK. The aim of the conference is to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in STEM employment and research in Higher Education. This one-day conference provided a gateway to hear from world-leading speakers from academia and industries, showcase good practice, learn new skills and form networks of like-minded colleagues.

ACM-W UK Inspire 2017 — Identity, Impact and Voice — Celebration of Women in Computing (@acmwuk )

In addition to talks delivered by prestigious speakers like Professor Cecilia Mascolo — (Professor of Mobile Systems, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge), Professor Ruth Aylett (Professor of Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University), Gen Ashley (Director of Women Who Code, Lead at Google WomenTechMakers London), there were multiple student presentations and panel discussion on the topic of “Identifying and Negotiating Identity”.

Inspire 2017 — Panel Discussion on “Identifying and Negotiating identity ”

During the conference, ACM-W UK launched a mentoring scheme. The aim of the scheme to help women at universities (undergrad, postgrad, PhD and Post-doc) around the UK to connect with senior academics from different universities and industrial professionals in their field. If this is something you are looking for and are interested in, then please apply here.

Inspire 2017 — Dr. Poonam Yadav (ACM-W UK Chair) launched Early Career mentoring scheme

The conference was a great success as evident from the stupendous feedback. When participants were asked about what they liked about the event, the unanimous choice were the inspiring talks by the keynote speakers and the panel discussion. Snippets of some very favourable comments are:

“All the speakers were very approachable!”

“The talks were inspiring!”

“The range of speakers and how they engaged students was outstanding!”

“The speakers were interesting and have made me think about doing things differently.”

“I could relate to Ruth’s cycle of perfectionism, it’s like being on a hamster wheel and going round and round and getting nowhere fast. I am inspired to get off and say no, my best is good enough!”

“ACM-W UK mentoring scheme looks exciting — I am going to register for it asap”

ACM-W UK would like to thank ACM Student Chapter officers and volunteers at the University of Hertfordshire, invited speakers and poster presenters for sharing there ideas and work and attendees for making the event highly interactive and enjoyable.

Inspire 2017 Registration desk — ACM Student Chapter officers and volunteers at the University of Hertfordshire