A Poem About Relationships

This is a poem written by my father John Collins. The relationship I have with my father is special.

Myself, elder brother Liam, Father John and beautiful sister Stephanie

Relationships hold a unique position,

In what we call the human condition,

The connection with another being,

Some are a burden and some are freeing,

Some start when we’re born and end when we’re gone,

While others come and then wander on.

Some are thrust on us and others we choose,

Some we desperately want and some we refuse,

Some can be shallow, acquaintances at best,

Whilst others may connect to our souls and test,

The very fabric of our beings and hearts,

But regardless they all play their parts,

In the journey through our lives,

And many a person wills and strives,

For that special relationship — someone they’ll meet,

And who will make them complete,

Not realising that (and here’s the twist),

The person they seek does not exist,

Their ego has convinced them that this is so,

And perhaps they would rather not know,

That primary relationships are here to teach,

Which may mean happiness stays out of reach,

For when we meet “the one” — things aren’t done,

In fact the learning’s just begun,

For no matter how wonderful a person seems,

Or how they seem to fit our dreams,

But before long they’ll do something “wrong”,

And another relationship won’t have lasted long,

We expect more of someone than they can give,

So we finish it up and on we live,

Not learning the lesson we couldn’t see,

That the other person is a reflection of me,

That the reason for our lack of acceptance thus,

Is because we haven’t accepted us,

So let’s enjoy our relationships whatever their form,

And not make seeking happiness in others our norm,

For a relationship with another isn’t the key,

But the one with the person in the mirror we see.

-John Collins

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