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Digital disruption is all the rage now. Businesses worldwide are racking their brains on how to do things in a different way and become more profitable with automation. Automation of processes, usually the more mundane and less thought-invoking ones, is a goal that many businesses strive to reach. When successful, automation results in a cascade of advantages including higher production rates, efficient resource allocation, and enforce quality control, hence empowering businesses to achieve higher speed-to-market at lower costs.

When it comes to implementing automation for processes across any production line — administration, product, business, and so on — many businesses have turned to experts and specialists to assess and implement their best course of action. In this post I’ll be addressing some basics of automation and how ACNAPI, a specialist in APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) plays a role in helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation processes via automation. …

If you’re new to the term “hackathon”, you may think it’s an event where programmers and engineers gather to frantically code as fast as they can and produce some sort of software or application at the end of it.

But there’s more to it. A hackathon is an event where participants collaborate on a project over a short period of time, often with the end-goal of producing an innovative, tangible product that forms a solution to a real-world problem.

On 11 and 12 July, we sent two teams of 3 developers to one of Accenture Digital’s annual global hackathon, the DSD-MEE Low-Code Global Connected Hackathon. The challenge was to use low-code platforms, including ACNAPI, to create a minimum viable product (MVP) in any of these business areas: Smart Home and Smart City, Industrial Environment, and Resources and Energy. …

Close your eyes and think about the time you played with Lego as a child.

Based on the end product you had in mind, you probably had to handpick each Lego brick according to its shape and colour, with each brick having a cascading effect on the final look. Whatever you wanted to build, you had the freedom to connect the bricks in any way you wanted, with your imagination being the only limitation.

Here at Accenture Digital, the Catalyst team has been designing and creating the building blocks essential for anyone who wants to build their own software application. Using the principle of Lego bricks, we developed ACNAPI, an open platform that provides best practice templates and API (Application Programming Interface)-centric building blocks. …



ACNAPI (Accenture API) is a platform that accelerates and scales your innovation wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

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