If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Meh, the maps above show _cast_ votes. Trump only got 26% of _eligible_ voters. Meaning, 74% (or in other words; most of the red districts above), likely either hate him or don’t care about him. Of the 26% of his supporters, how many of them would support him further than just the vote, and actually put up money and time to fight his impeachment? I’m thinking like 20–30% of those 26% of eligible voters. Which means just 15 million people.

Of those, who would be prepared to break the law through civil disobedience and unlawful strikes, I’m guessing maybe 5-10% of them. Meaning just about 1 million people.

Trump supporters might be special, but I’d argue not special enough that 1 million people can overthrow and throw into chaos a diverse nation of 320 million people.

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