How to Overcome Hurdles

In a recent ACN Wake Up Call, Circle of Champions Member and Senior Vice President Debbie Davis shared how she overcomes the hurdles encountered on her ACN Journey. Thank you Debbie for sharing your incredible insight with the ACN family

Everyone has encountered hurdles in their ACN journey, especially me! The good news is that you can easily overcome them by having the right mindset!

1) Identify the hurdle — If you know what your challenge is, you can prepare for it and know what you are working against. Most of the time, the hurdle is easy to overcome if you know what is coming.

2) Utilize your resources — Reach out to your upline! Every leader in ACN has faced a hurdle and wants to help you get over yours! They are your best resource for giving you the motivation to persevere. SUCCESS on Demand is another great resource to hear from leaders across the industry.

3) Believe in yourself! — Fear of failure is something that happens when you think about only yourself! Just focus on helping other people acquire customers and get a great value and you won’t have to worry about yourself. Replace the negative ‘self talk’ with good, positive thoughts about yourself.

I KNOW you can do it. If I did it, trust me ANYONE can! I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix. Don’t let anyone stop you…..especially YOU!!

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