Seems like nothing

The question asked for people to write to shock, using all of the darkness available to a twisted human soul. Yet such a question misses the true horror of what lies far beyond the most malignant of human imagination. A place of such despair that it defies our ability to describe it, a place of true nothingness, the real hell that goes beyond description. Dante attempted to depict a place of nine circles, each layer deeper into despair but you can take no comfort there. For you need to move from science to the higher notion of philosophy to hope to comprehend the true horror of a hell that no one has ever described well. To attempt this requires first a reflection, requiring both light and sight, upon our true nature. Are we simply an algorithm in a non-existent vortex with no worth or are we spiritual beings able to comprehend and be involved within meaning? And if we are spiritual then it must mean that some part of our nature is spiritual and only exists within a philosophical sphere that is so beyond our comprehension that we are all aware of it but have never been able to focus on a measure or its weightiness. A spiritual being so wondrous that we flower with meaning, grieve at passing but at the same time carry an awareness of purpose and something else beyond death, beyond that last breath.

Now if we are spiritual within our nature then we must seek the answer to where spirituality can be assessed. Not in some white coated lab but out amongst the fields, watching life in all its splendour gamble like spring lambs. Sun soaked beings able to be rational and emotional, to love beyond reason, to see life beyond its season and to dream incredible dreams without understanding what they might mean. Each of us a single light, brightly incandescent, casting an illumination not through our actions but through the simple fact of our existence. Not weighed upon some human scale as having a value of £x but truly valued by all around who love us. Other spiritual beings who coalesce to produce a light so bright we called it humanity. At the point of our physical manifestation of an earthly presence ceases such a spiritual light must still continue, for it cannot be bound by that which is measured. It is, by its nature, unmeasured and therefore things of mass only added gravitas to prevent that spiritual being flying free into an eternity of light. Analogous to stars, each soul flying free to join in another way something beyond our everyday. Such a spiritual vision carries the most wondrous gift, that of a hope so powerful it defies not only human measurement or assessment but our comprehension. We have hope beyond this life, something more, another door opens as this one shuts.

Now imagine the very worst pain you can and share an experience of hell. For hell and all its darkness is only an existence caused by its rejection. It does not exist, it is absolute nothing. A darkness so extreme it defies the ability to describe it and beyond its zone of incomprehensible darkness fly its slaves. Demons and dark creatures who only exist to feed the opening to nothing.

Forget Dante’s inferno, for such a pain could only be a relief as one’s spiritual being journeys ever deeper towards the dark core of nothing. A heaving malignancy so extreme that upon entering it every aspect of our spiritual being simply ceases for ever. This is the atheist dream, the vision that people wish to head towards, eternal nothing, a true cessation of existence forever. Now, dear reader, you may well argue that this is not something to fear and I wish you were right. But consider an earthy example and where the inferno comes into its own. Imagine the terrible fear of being slowly burnt alive, like a suckling pig, unable to resist, bound upon that bearing stick as you were turned, alive, an exquisite agony so extreme that you would beg for every moment to die. Yet part of us would be free of the pain, the spiritual part that held hope, thought, even in agony. Now amplify that to such an extreme that you could never imagine the terror of going beyond that moment to the point where your being is snuffed out forever. Like a light being overwhelmed by a Tsunami of Darkness so extreme that you could only scream until at such point you simply ceased to be. That nothing, that darkness, is the most extreme terror, it defies our imagination. Dante wrote ‘abandon hope all who enter here’ upon its entrance. When we abandon hope and slide into that extreme darkness of non-existence we open its door, our last audible thought, welcome to hell.

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