Two Views on Christianity

There is no possibility of God,

You would have to be extremely foolish to think,

That it was in anyway feasible,

For Science not to provide a definitive answer,

We know all about evolution,

We have the high pope of the God Delusion,

We can measure back to when time began,

When our Universe started, in one Big Bang,

These religions just create division,

Its foolish to think things such as,

Christ was the divine son of God,

Christ died to offer us all hope,

Can you even begin to imagine,

How difficult it is to see any relevance,

Atheism offers this practical solution,

We just are born to live then die,

There is no reason to ponder our why,

Theres no need for spirituality,

You’d have to be foolish to believe!


Now read it in reverse!


@Andrew Carnegie, Pushing in reverse, Wiltshire Jan 11th 2017.

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