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Our Beautiful Shop Front.

Hello! Welcome to the Afro-Caribbean Pot blog! We thought it would be great to give you an insight into our little world and all the going ons with food, friends and fun.

This week is our first update and we hope you’ll join us on our journey by sharing our story. So, this is our opening week at the new shop and a great opportunity for us to tell you about what’s been going on so far and also the exciting things to come.

You may already know about our story from humble beginnings starting out in our own kitchen at home making local deliveries and catering for events across the country. As time went by so did demand and Kofi and Efua’s Afro-CaribbeanPot was born, moving into Plymouth City Centre’s local Pannier Market serving up our quality interpretations of classic Afro-Caribbean dishes.

Fast forward to summer 2015 and we’re still serving up the same great food just in a new great place with added extras like caribbean smoothies, mouth watering cakes, select wines and more.

So come along for a meal or a drink… or both and we’ll cook something up just the way you want it whether that’s adding a little extra heat to your dish or a bit of coleslaw to cool it down!

Peace, love & eat well.

Look forward to seeing you and follow us on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AfroCaribbeanPot
Twitter: @ACP_Restaurant
Instagram: acp-restaurant

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