Brushed ACM panel does not rust

We all know that this metal does not rust because when exposed to air, it develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its outer surface, which protects against armor and corrosion. This is the most important factor in choosing PVDF ACM panel for outdoor furniture. It will change every storm and still shine. You do not have to worry about covering your furniture the next time you’re out and it starts pouring.

Did you know there are different types of High Gloss ACM panel? There is a difference between furniture made of forging, tubular and cast aluminum. Made in Victorian style, with a much easier and relatively rustic finish compared to wrought iron. Tubular aluminum furniture, on the other hand, is usually used because it’s easier and easier to shape and design. Cast furniture is made of pure aluminum and is very elastic. It is cast into the desired style and shape, and then merged. As cast aluminum is solid, this kind of furniture is much heavier in relation to forging and tubular types.

Brushed ACM panel does not rust, making it perfect for outdoor use. However, this metal is affected by contamination and moisture, and the surface is discolored or becomes rough.

If you notice that your furniture is light colored, it was a bit of soap and water. Do not forget to add some healthy households, such as lemon juice, vinegar or cream tartar. Do not forget to add ammonia, TSP or soda. Always do this cleaning after the end of a particular season.

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