ACP 2016 / A Look Back

Our first event of #acpfest, My Atlanta exhibition, drew 357 participants to Spencer Sloan Studio.
Install day for THE FENCE on the Atlanta BeltLine’s eastside trail.

We’re so happy that THE FENCE was able to hit the road this year, in a Georgia-fied version featuring Georgia artists, with stops in Savannah, Gainesville, Thomasville & Columbus, pictured here.

The GEORGIA FENCE, on view on the riverwalk in Columbus.
Quick ‘gram vid of the GEORGIA FENCE in Savannah.

Then there was that moment at the Decatur Book Festival, where we were introducing Inspired Georgia, when the UGA Press van, carrying “Inspired Georgia” books, was stolen, only to be later recovered at the city facility to which it had been towed… 😫

The ACP Auction was a celebration honoring the legacy of William Eggleston, and between the food from Todd Ginsberg and the bourbon cocktails, it was a memorable evening!
Placing a bid on a portrait of Eggleston by Maude Schuyler Clay.

Oct 6th, at Woodruff Arts Center, Duane Michals presented a lifetime of work, from early black-and-white stills, to commerical work & album covers in the 80s, and more recently, short films. Check out Virginie Kippelen’s video covering Michals’ visit to Atlanta and his exhibition at Jackson Fine Art, here:
Duane Michals video from Virginie Kippelen

Robby Klein & Alex Rogers (as photographed by reviewer Michele Romero) on Portfolio Review weekend, Oct. 8th & 9th.
Portfolio Review on the left, Portfolio Walk on the right.

Our neighbors to the south at Columbus State University held “Eye South” photography symposium, including a keynote lecture from Alec Soth on Oct. 15th.

A great night in collaboration with ArtsATL and SCAD featuring Floyd Hall, Dr. Deborah Willis, Pam Henman & Dr. Pellom McDaniels talking about Atlanta’s first African-American commercial photographer, Thomas Askew on Oct. 18th.

Stephen Shore’s visit and Instagram-era panel discussion with Whitney Richardson, John Pilson & Bill Boling at the High Museum of Art was a highlight on Oct. 22nd.
A quick video visit with Stephen Shore and the “Instagram as Atelier and Salon” panel discussion.

Our special exhibition of the Teen Spirit program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Egleston hospitals “popped-up” at locations around town.

On Oct. 13th at Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Baldwin Lee gave an incredible artist’s talk, walking through the ins-and-outs of what it takes to make extraordinary photographs, and above all, why?

The [UNTITLED] Art Book Fair had great artist’s talks; on the left, from Mark Steinmetz, on the right, from Fall Line Press and Bill Yates.
Doug DuBois’ artist’s talk, Josh McFadden artist’s talk, and good crowds at [UNTITLED] Art Book Fair.

Occasionally there’s a program or event that is impossible to document, like the Robert Frank film screening. This quick vid captures some of the incredible vibe of Photo Battle, which was a spirited evening of fun and photo camaraderie. We can’t wait for 2017!

A fantastic sold-out crowd for Lalla Essaydi’s inspiring talk at the High Museum of Art on Oct. 27th.

The new book project, Inspired Georgia had a book release celebration at Westside Cultural Arts Center, which included an exhibition of all the photos included in the book, and a reading from the participating poets.

It was a special kind of evening, and we hope to have a video of it to share soon. We’ll update this page when it’s available!

Thanks for taking a look at this wrap-up, and keep following ACP on Instagram, Twitter & the Facebook for timely updates as we build toward 2017’s festival!

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