Why Wood Veneer is the Most Sustainable Choice for Office Furniture

Wood veneer furniture is ideal for various working environments due to its versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness in comparison to solid wood furniture. As well as its unique character, wood veneer office furniture brings environmental benefits to businesses looking to improve their sustainable credentials. But what makes it the most sustainable, and most suitable choice for the workplace?

Wood Veneer Office Furniture

Wood veneer produces no waste

Unlike solid wood which is sawn from a log, wood veneer is made from thinly sliced layers of the tree which are bonded together. This way a maximum yield can be obtained from the tree, producing much less waste than solid wood furniture. In fact, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), suggests that using veneer contributes to a better use of raw material — thousands of square metres of wood surface can be produced through a single tree.

Once bonded the wooden veneer layers are glued to a solid core panel for robustness and durability. Recycled MDF or chipboards can be used to further minimise, energy-intensive processes, waste and the consumption of natural resources.

Buying wood veneer office furniture from managed forests

The great thing about wood veneer is that each piece of furniture will have its own unique pattern according to the grain of the tree from which it was cut. For the office, wood veneer creates an impressive, quality suite which will last for years.

Wood veneer uses diverse hardwood species such as oak, maple and exotic hardwoods like cherry and ash, which take on distinctive colours and grain patterns. However, because these species are often rare, businesses should look to purchase their office furniture from manufacturers who use veneer from managed forests. Buying wood veneer office furniture is the most sustainable choice, however check that the furniture comes from responsibly managed sources.

Sustainable processes

ACT Furniture is a UK manufacturer of quality wood veneer office furniture, carrying out all processes sustainably in-house, including the selection and laying of veneers. As well as sourcing wood from sustainable managed environments, all their waste wood is used to power their workshop to lower their environmental impact.

For businesses looking to source sustainably and ethically made office furniture, why not visit the ACT Furniture website to browse through their collections of handcrafted wood veneer boardroom tables, desks, reception counters and storage? Or to find out more about a bespoke range for your office, please contact their team on 01902 490273.