It’s been a week since my AI startup ACUMAN was featured on Y Combinator’s Hacker News

… and it’s been a really exciting and eventful experience.

My artificial intelligence personal assistant computer startup ACUMAN received a whole new level of traction after being featured at the top #1 spot on Hacker News, receiving over 420 points. Shortly after, it was posted on ProductHunt. Since then, there have been articles written about the startup and its technology on LIFARS, Information Age, and The Cheat Sheet.

I appreciate the influx of new users, and keep on using it. Besides serving a useful service, ACUMAN’s machine learning and text classifying algorithms improve with use, as its data set becomes larger.

I’ve been blessed to have received overwhelming comments, suggestions, and compliments from some of the top experts in the field. Their help has been invariable. Thanks to everyone who has checked out ACUMAN and to those who have given feedback!

As of when this article is written, there have been over

166,069 questions

answered by ACUMAN