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Edited to add: I’m sorry. I think parts of this comment are distancing and white-centering — centering on my feelings instead of support for you, and talking over you. Thank you for this piece, and I hope that things do shift and you are able to do the work you need to do.

Whew, I had no idea what I was walking into. I don’t know the cast of characters, haven’t been involved with GRFFF at all, and have only heard of Sally by name — no real idea what they do at this point.

I want to make sure I understand. I hear that you are being harmed because people in this city won’t work with you because Sally has painted a picture of you as angry and unreasonable, when instead you are asking for accountability for anti-Blackness and racism committed by them and, by extension, Bandit Zine and GRFFF. Is that right?

I’m going to re-read a couple of times when I’m fresher to really help myself see and absorb the racism part of it. I see it in the white women and in the culture at Bandit Zine — how they have dragged their feet and avoided conflict and put their desire to not feel uncomfortable above your need to not be harmed. Oh, and I see it in Sally’s willingness to let you appear to be the “angry Black woman” to friends, rather than owning that they havenot taken real accountability to you and made real amends to you for the things she admits she did.

For now what I can do is avoid the GRFFF and let my friends know the problems with it. And I can support you and your work. And I can face my own extreme discomfort and share it.

Thank you.

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