Can Kindness Change the World?

The desire to give comes from kindness. We as humans are hard wired to be kind. But can random acts of kindness truly change the world? There is more and more evidence to support the notion that practicing kindness can transform our lives, our reality, and our environment.

According to, there are studies that go back four decades which detail the impact that kindness has on health. These studies show that patients who are recovering from surgery or dealing with painful health issues recover much faster when physicians show genuine concern for their case and demonstrate kindness toward them. These studies also show that patients who felt supported and listened to by their doctors, and those who felt that they were treated with compassion by their doctors, experienced less pain and less severe symptoms when compared to other patients. Scientific American published an article called “Forget Survival of the Fittest-It’s Kindness That Counts”, which focused on the benefits of kindness as well. The article states that in addition to kindness being beneficial to our overall health and well-being by boosting our immune system, it also improves our resilience and adjustment to difficulties we encounter in life. The benefits of kindness are increasingly being recognized in the workplace as well. Compassion and empathy are now key competencies that leaders are measured on and must possess in order to be successful. In many companies, including mine, Emotional Intelligence is offered as part of employees’ training curriculum. The importance of kindness and compassion is also a growing topic of discussion in classrooms.

One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Theresa — “Do small things with great love”. Any form of giving — whether it is dollars, products, or talent is an act of kindness; and every act of kindness brings us one step closer to changing the world.

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