August 16 — Pining VII

It’s one in the morning and Pete and I are at a dive bar, halfway through a Guiness. He asked me about girls — the whole story of names, happenstances, and encounters that I’ve been through in the past year — and so the night was extended.

There’s quite a bit to say, in hindsight, though most of the details are only significant in my own mind. There was the dazzling, surreal emotion at Landmark: War on Drugs in the rain, The strokes from the VIP balcony, dancing in sprinklers in front of the Lincoln. Then there was the ghosting at the Colony House show, the random text about All Things Go, the “unprecendented wave of attraction” after Superman-ing during the blizzard (which was actually just an unfortunate mix of sentimentality and lust for a pretty face), then Alex’s suggestion at Buffalo Wild Wings… “What about this girl?”

It didn’t occur to me until the next day how foreign and intriguing this must have seemed to Pete. I run in social circles forged by intentional Christianity and a church-centric life. I have a unique way of running into these girls, deciding when and how to ask them out. It all seemed to have progressed so slow at the time. One I’d known for years. Another had first piqued my interest in June of last year. Out of all of it I ended up with a grand total of four dates (and a few outings of a more nebulous definition).

But I got somewhere. Things happened. Possibilities were explored. I’m not still in square one, after all. I’ve learned a thing or two. If I get another chance I’ll take the gloves off, ask questions that tug on the veil, offering to gently pull aside the covering wherever she’s folded the corners.

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