August 19 — Christian bands

I first caught wind of the conversation at the word “Switchfoot.” The guy from Capital Life Church with the shaggy blond hair — the one who looked most like a surfer, go figure — was talking about being in the front row of their concert. He knew their older stuff of course, but he was saying he felt guilty when Jon looked at him and he did not know every word of their newer songs.

I wondered if he was talking about the show at Wolf Trap I had been at earlier that week, but I had tables to clear. For the next 30 minutes, every time I came out of the kitchen they were talking about a different Christian band from back in the day: Relient K, Audio Adrenaline, Delirious, The OC Supertones, the Newsboys.

Ohmigosh, someone had seen the Supertones.


Cue laughter. But surfer guy could one-up that. He’d seen the Newsboys on their Take Me To Your Leader tour.

That would put me at least in Junior High, I thought. He must be older than he looks.