August 27 — An act of vulnerability

I was about to tell more than five hundred people that I got married within a week. I began to feel tense as the service started. Getting married within a week was the right thing to do, I was still convinced of that, but it looked foolish on paper. I wouldn’t be specifying to all the people in the congregation how quickly it came about, but if they knew all the details I knew they’d have questions — and even after I answered those questions some of them would still probably disapprove.

Mark had given me 90 seconds, so I cut to the chase. I’d started this program a year ago. Met a wonderful girl, fell in love, got married. Pray for us. Thank you for your loving example as a church.

There. It was done. I was fine. Mark prayed for me right there. It happened so quick I didn’t have time to feel touched, but had I not been so nervous the moment would have had me in tears. Being prayed for en masse is one of the best things that can happen to a person. It inspires me to unite my heart with the prayers of others at church, because every corporate prayer is an opportunity to be part of someone’s eternal story.

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