December 3 — Messiah

Forty minutes into the performance, the organ boomed for the first time.

“Wonderful! Counsellor! The mighty God! The everlasting Father! The Prince of Peace!”

The balcony shook as if the chapel had been hit by the voice of God himself, and I felt chills all over my body. My eyes began to well up, and my mouth fell open a little.

Again the chorus cried out the the great names of the Messiah as the mighty organ sounded. The same shaking. The same chills. The best, the most weighty of notes that man can summon played out for the Name Above All Names. Another moment or two like this and I would have wept.

I reached to my left and squeezed Becky’s kneecap. She smiled, and the fellows exchanged glances. She understood. I think we all did. The Lord’s name had just been proclaimed at the U.S. Naval Academy — seventy years and counting.

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