January 4 — Golden sun and holiness

Sven Birketts says idleness “is what sometimes affects us on those too few occasions when we allow our pace to slacken and merge with the rhythms of the natural day, when we manage to thwart the impulse to plan forward to the next thing and instead look — idly, with frank curiosity — at what is immediately in front of us.”

Accepting that definition, today a few minutes of idleness led me to God. I took a walk down the pier — my second of the day — to admire the sunset. At the end I turned around and beheld a stunning glimmer of the holiness of the Lord. The light had just begun its warm embrace of Golden Hour. Across Broad Creek four bay houses glowed yellow. The pier, too, was shining along its entire length.

Mark’s sermon from I can’t remember when came to mind, as it has many times in the year or two since he delivered it. God’s holiness is like when the sun’s light at dawn or dusk illuminates the whole world in a brilliant gold. It suffuses everything he does with energy, perfection, and beauty — just like these bay houses right now.