October 3 — Boyz in the kitchen

The meal of stir fry and teriyaki chicken came off with hitches. My method was all blind instructions, no instinct or intuition. I was a captaining a ship I had never sailed before.

Mental note: boil the sauce down before adding the chicken again. Next time, I guess. We managed to get it a bit thicker after the chicken cooked through though.

The vegetarian stir fry was one more poorly-read direction from being a lost cause. Of course the peppers and onion would take longer to cook than the squash, broccoli, and eggplant, which in turn would take longer than the bok choi and sprouts. Why did I think I could throw them in all at once? I didn’t think that. I didn’t think at all. That was the problem. Where was my recollection of Capon when I needed it?

And the asian salad? I added soy sauce too early, amid the heat. Almonds were nowhere to be found — nor sesame seeds. Chris burned the ramen, of which I only had half as much as the recipe called for to begin with.

And now my computer’s dirty.

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