October 5 — Unseen sea

The tide is high and the water looks ominous. Maybe it’s the clouds diffusing the light, making it opaque and mysterious. I can only see down maybe a foot or two directly below me. Looking out at the expanse, the great world of mystery stretched out before me dawns on my mind. So much of the world, even so much of my little corner right here, is covered by water, and we have hardly a clue about what lives below, the creatures that lurk and wiggle and flip and swirl and bite and dance.

About a week ago I saw a cownose ray near the end of the pier. Well, I think it was a cownose ray. I could only make out a tan, disc shape about two feet across, winging it’s way along the wooden beams for a few minutes until it veered left. By the time it was 10 feet away, it was out of sight.

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