October 8 — District wanderings

It’s been raining in DC most of the afternoon — one of those weekend autumn days that God intends us to spend enjoying good books and hot beverages. It’s almost 4pm, but I have yet to enjoy either of those things today. The day feels wasted, puttered away in halfhearted conversations about how I’m going to spend it, a haircut appointment that ran late, foolishly taking the streetcar instead of the bus, and ordering tacos for lunch when a burrito would have been much more filling. I’m traversing my old stomping grounds and I hate the inefficiency. I was supposed to read half a book and finish writing a film review today, but I’ve let Seamus slow me down. I try to preach to myself to temper my anger, to take the sadness out of an empty day.

A latte revives my spirits. Turns out I still have plenty of great ideas and plenty of time to write about them. I’m going to make it in life. I just might even find love pretty soon. Why not?

Funny how caffeine directly correlates to optimism.

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