Advice from Kurt Vonnegut that Every Writer Needs to Read

As much as I've enjoyed some of his books, I’d never take writing advice from Kurt Vonnegut. I say this not out of arrogance, but out of self-knowledge. He had completely different ideas about writing and goals for his writing than I do for mine. If he were still alive and we were to talk shop, it’d be like an electrician trying to give a plumber advice.

In general I see the act of both giving out and receiving writing advice as a very dangerous game that very few people understand the rules to. My rule of thumb for learning about anything is that we have to choose the right teachers for each task we attempt to master, and only take exactly what we need from each of them while adapting that knowledge to ourselves in the process, lest we allow ourselves to be caught up in callow idolatry and become nothing more than cheap, mass-produced imitations of the genuine article.