Dec 8, 2015 · 1 min read

Beyond the very real gender issue, this piece touches on the broader fact that everyone — no exceptions — is a piece of shit to someone. We all trample on the lives of thousands if not millions of people every day just by living in relative comfort. On a more direct level, we all snub, shun, reject or put down at least a handful of people every day through casual actions and thoughts we think nothing of. No one wants to hear or seriously consider this but it needs to be said.

This is too cynical and negative-sounding to acknowledge in polite or relatable conversation but it’s true. We live in a society built on hypocrisy where presenting yourself as the greatest, most admirable, accomplished person of all time is a requirement to succeed. Everyone is taught to valorize themselves and ignore or downplay their shortcomings even when it comes to basic things like job interviews. If this is something we all have to do just to get a job; to have the opportunity to meet our most basic needs, that’s a sign that this is the sort of behavior society wants us to adopt, and that’s just fucked up.


    Written by

    de Sade, Charles Manson, and Azazel