Haiku for Jordan

Below is a series of haiku for Jordan Edwards emphasizing my hope that he (and the thousands like him maimed by the state) live. It’s my prayer that his brothers, his family, his community, are surrounded by love and find justice.

Like rivers we cross

This scene too often, dead black

Bodies gone too soon

Your pubescent face

Shining innocence I know

The police never sees.

You were a black boy.

Not yet a man at all, no.

Never criminal.

You did not deserve

the suffering you endured.

Murdered by the state.

The same who swore to

Serve and protect, but I ask:

Who is protected?

Not the brilliance of

little black boys and black girls,

this world won’t love them.

Who is protected?

Whiteness always, did you know?

Did you know, Jordan?

Maybe you didn’t.

Were you even old enough

for the talk? Not yet.

No matter your grades,

I wish I could protect you,

dear Jordan, I do.

The brown of your skin,

like space dust from Saturn, you

were out of this world.

Your existence was

illegal here, Sun, I hope

You shine in the beyond

Beyond with the stars

Galactic lightning, thunder.

Be a loved planet.

Play with joy unheard.

Dance on the white devil’s head.

Laugh with celestial joy.

They stole your blood right

to live, pursue happiness.

You a Citizen?

There’s a place for us

to dance, sing, and live unbound.

The beyond’s for us.

Jordan, live like no

Other, it was too early

For you to rest, Chief.