“Faroese people tend to be very laid back regarding time…”

We had the pleasure to start our very first ADDACT campaign with Eivør Pálsdóttir, one of the most popular Faroese singers and songwriters, who has an astonishing and unique voice. It’s a very busy season for her, but Eivør kindly took some time while touring to share some thoughts with us. We have talked about her inspirations, the German fans and her view on our new crowdfunding tool.

Q: How would you describe your music? Is there any genre which influenced the most? And which genre feel you permanently connected to?

A: As a musician I have always been curious. Always yearning to learn more about music and to get deeper into it — to be it. All my different experiments have been important lessons for me. I found my roots in Faroese Folk music, my freedom in jazz music, my patience and technique in Classical music, my inner power and my fire in underground rock and metal music and I could keep going. The bottom line is that to me there is good music and there is bad music and all the genres are just names and labels we put on it to feel more safe or to better understand it. It’s very important for me to feel free in the music I create, and to not put too many labels on it.

Q: Soundscape and the use of different instruments play an important role in your music. Where do you get your inspirations from?

A: I like to write about simple things. I can get inspired by anything from being in love — being heartbroken — being destroyed or happy. There is music in all the situations you get yourself into. And I think all the little flaws and imperfections in life inspire me very much to write songs. Nature is a big part of my songwriting too. There I find peace and I feel like a part of a bigger picture. There I find the “space” to create.

Q: Home is where your heart is: Gøta, Reykjavik, Copenhague — you have lived in different countries and cities. Is there any place you feel completely at home?

A: When I step on Faroese ground I feel “home” in a certain way. The mountains, the rain, fresh air, the smell of the grass, the people. It is the place where I grew up and it is a very big part of my identity. I get a similar feeling in Iceland, because I spent my teenage years there. When all this has been said: Home to me is where the people I love are. It does not necessarily have to be a specific place but rather a feeling inside ☺

Q: You have been touring and traveling a lot. What do you think about Germany? Which areas/cities did you visit and are there any special experiences you can share?

A: I love touring Germany and I am always experiencing something new when i´m there. On my last tour there I did 26 concerts and I had so many memorable moments with my band and also with my German fans. There are so many great music venues in Germany and the audience is great!! In the beginning I was a bit shocked by how quiet the audience was during the concerts but I later figured out that they are just really into the music and just very attentive listeners. And that is what I love about my German audience.☺

Q: Is there anything about Germany and the German fans which you find really weird? And on the other hand, is there any Faroer tradition we might never understand?

A: Haha… well there are cultural differences of course and one thing is “Faroese time” and “German time”. Faroese people tend to be very laid back regarding time while people in Germany are more on the spot. I don’t like to generalize though, but you can get into interesting situations sometimes ☺

Q: You were playing this year at the Danish SPOT festival. Do you have any all-time favourite festival?

A: There are so many great festivals in the world yet to discover. I love playing at the G festival which takes place in my little hometown every summer. I have had some great moments at Roskilde festival too. Iceland Airwaves is also among my favorite festivals.

Q: We have started this campaign with you on ADDACT to ask your Germans fans, where they want to see you play. Now we want to ask you: Is there any German city/venue you would really love to play?

I am sure there are plenty of venues I want to play that I haven’t discovered yet. ☺ Hopefully I will visit more new interesting places on my next Germany tour.

Q: Do you have any experience with music crowdfunding yet and what do you think of this new way of fan-empowerment?

A: No not really. This crowdfunding thing is completely new to me. I am not sure yet how I feel about it ☺ It might be a great thing and it might also be something quite annoying. Not quite sure yet ☺

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