Life as a Marketing Executive

Ever considered what life as Marketing Executive is all about? What exactly does a Marketing Executive do and what does it take to become one? If you are thinking of adding one to your team and are wondering what one might look for in an employer, we have all the facts for you.

We caught up with Gabriella Evans, Marketing Executive at Jordans Trust Company Limited, to get her perspective.

ADLIB: In approx. 30 words and plain English, what do you do?
Gabriella Evans: They say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and working as a Marketing Executive, I can say that’s spot-on! On an average day, I find myself jumping between a number of campaigns and projects (mixing traditional direct marketing with lots of digital too), which is just the way I like it.

ADLIB: In a nutshell, what has been your career journey so far?
GE: Leaving school, I had no clue what to do, so I went into an admin apprenticeship. I worked hard and was lucky to be offered a role as a Marketing Assistant. Even though I didn’t set out to become a marketer, I’ve fallen in love with the world of marketing and wouldn’t want to do anything else now. Since starting out, I’ve been able to progress into other marketing roles, and I hope to keep progressing in the future.

ADLIB: What do you like most about your job?
GE: There are three things which I like most about my job. 1. Making people fall in love with a company’s brand. 2. Seeing results from the work I’ve been doing. 3. Making things look pretty!

ADLIB: What are the 3 key things you consider when choosing an employer?
GE: The most important thing for me (I know this sounds so cliché) is the people at work. You’re with them all day, so you may as well actually like them. The second thing has got to be that the company is progressing and that your role is going to progress too. Another thing I’d look for is that your line manager is going to give you the freedom to make the role your own. Nobody likes to be micromanaged and it’s great to be able to experiment to figure out the best ways to do things.

ADLIB: What 3 top tips would you give someone to ensure that their skills and knowledge remain top notch? GE:
1. Read… a lot! When it comes to marketing, things are constantly changing, so you need to keep yourself up to date.
2. Practice things. Even if you haven’t done something before you should try it anyway. For example, writing. Even if you don’t think you can write, the more you practice it, you’ll get so much better at it.
3. Go to networking events. You might pick up a few tips and tricks from the speakers and it’s also great to be able to meet new people in your industry.

Thank you Gabriella for sharing!

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