Life as a Digital Marketing Executive

Ever wondered what life as Digital Marketing Executive is really like? What exactly does a Digital Marketing Executive do, what does it take to become one? If you are thinking of adding one to your team and are wondering what one is looking for in an employer, we have all the facts for you.

We caught up with David Brooks, Digital Marketing Executive at Bob Martin Vet Care to get his perspective.

ADLIB: In approx. 30 words and plain English, what do you do?
David Brooks: I’ve developed and launched a new eCommerce website. I work closely with agencies to maintain SEO & CPC campaigns, plan and maintain site content, eCRM campaigns, inventory and functionality.

ADLIB: In a nutshell, what has been your career journey so far?
DB: After graduating, I’ve held a number of roles launching and maintaining websites and marketing activities, including the relaunch and rebranding of a Sport England programme and launching the brand and website for Pest Control and Pharmaceuticals.

ADLIB: What do you like most about your job?
DB: I like projects and numbers — having an end goal and pulling all the different activities together — this allows great variety in task and with digital, the feedback can be almost instant and nearly every metric or influence can be measured — you can see exactly what is and isn’t working.

ADLIB: What are the 3 key things you consider when choosing an employer?

  1. The people I work with make a huge difference in how much I enjoy work
  2. The role / project must interest me and having a set goal/target
  3. Opportunities to get involved in new challenges

ADLIB: What 3 top tips would you give someone to ensure that their skills and knowledge remain top notch?

  1. Read anything and everything on the topic — reading a social media post about how someone who turned a bedroom venture into a profitable business may just trigger an idea or may validate an idea you had.
  2. Ask questions — in this role I get to work with a number of agencies, I have experts on the other end of the phone or email who are more than willing to take the time to answer questions and point me in the right direction.
  3. Accept every opportunity to take on a new task or challenge.

Thank you David for sharing!