Below is an interview with ADNOC Distribution’s newest team member, Falco, an observation specialist for health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) incidents. We sat down with Falco before his daily routine of spotting unsafe acts and conditions started.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us when you joined ADNOC Distribution?

Hello. I am Falco and I come from Abu Dhabi. Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a social worker because I have always had a passion for helping people. This passion has now transformed into an important mission to educate people about keeping themselves and others safe always.

How did you become a member of the ADNOC Distribution family?

ADNOC Distribution brought me on board to help implement its new philosophy of promoting the most stringent HSSE practices across workplaces. As we all know, each type of work has its own operating environment — from offices to service stations and lubricant plants — and each comes with its own set of HSSE challenges. This underscores the importance of up-to-date safety mechanisms in the workplace.

I am here to do my bit for the success of the Falcon Eye near- miss reporting programme that was re-launched by the HSSE Division. My goal is to
 raise awareness about near- miss incidents to avoid material damages, and prevent injuries and loss of life.

Falco, why don’t you tell us more about near-miss incidents?

It’s very simple — I’ll give you an example: One day, our colleagues tried to move their desks around, ending up with their workstation cables getting tangled. In this case, several dangerous incidents can occur. For example, a short circuit might cause a massive fire, or someone might trip on the cables and fall, which could potentially result in a serious injury. Alternatively, one of the cables might get damaged and stop the equipment from working properly.

How are you planning to contribute to the success of the Falcon Eye programme?

In the last few days, I have been busy starring in a series of interactive visuals and videos depicting situations that might cause accidents. The aim of this campaign is to educate my colleagues on what constitutes unsafe acts and conditions, and encourage them to report such occurrences to prevent accidents.

Is there any advice that you would like to give to AFAQ Magazine readers?

Paying attention to the small details that might cause accidents makes a huge difference because in the long run, such observation can save lives. If you see anything unsafe, please, report it to Falcon Eye immediately, and help me create a healthy and safe environment for all.

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