Co-authored with Daniel Honker

Technology procurement is mission-critical for public servants to deliver on their outcomes. …

When I was twenty-two, I think I heard the only time my parents ever said they were proud of me: which is when I obtained my undergraduate degree. The first one in the family to receive higher education: unique in my family but perhaps not so when many other of my friends expressed the same sentiment.

I am now five years older than my father when he came to Canada as a “boat person.” My mom went to the Midwest in the United States of America, somewhere my dad really wanted to be. For many reasons, we ended up here in Canada. My mom had every reason to come to Canada, not least among them as she would like to remind me is “free health-care,” which goes far when you are always in and out with the doctor. …

NOTE: I had to participate in a retreat for my CivicAction DiverseCity Fellowship. …


Living Austin, TX from Tdot. Civic design @civiqueso . Advisory @digitaljustlab . Producer in quotable snark. In search of perfectly ripe & juicy mangoes.

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