He Said/She Said- A Texting Poem

“I miss you” Texted He

“In the next room” Texted She

“Come here” Texted He

“Im busy” Texted She

“Where are we?” Texted He

“Lost” Texted She


“I see you typing” Texted She

“I miss you” Texted He

“come find me” Texted She

“Do you love me?” Texted He

“With all my Soul” Texted She

“Why were we fighting?” Texted He

“Who knows” Texted She

“I love you” Texted He

“I love us” Texted She

Don’t leave me- Said He

I won’t- Said She

Cry-Said He

Can’t stop- Said She



Sniffle, Cry

We’re ok- Said He

We will be

Said She.

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