My 5th Element Meerkat.

Social Media has always been fun for Me but never interactive. I remember making cool tweets and waiting on favorites and retweets. This was amazing and well let’s say kind of interactive. Let’s go back a few months to March, 2015 I was looking for a cool new app in the app store and I seen Meerkat Live streaming. So I read that you could go live and the app connects to twitter at the time I only had ten thousand followers on twitter but never was able to connect with the people other than tweeting. That day I did My first stream on the app I walked around My neighborhood it took Me about 20 minutes. When I stopped the cast 8 people had watched Me wow what a feeling this moment was a true game changer.

The early times on Meerkat were awesome because the technology was new and different. Built on face time and twitter this app crossed all lines and jumped across the railroad tracks. Just watching streams My twitter begin to explode with new followers and favorites never has twitter acted like this for @AEAZY5. So cool everyday after work I could not wait to get in some streams. The most consistent streamer was Jeff Needles He would stream even from work at his apartment and one day for 24 hours that stream was #epic. Interactive this app is and always will be because that’s how you get points. One day I had the idea that I could stream but didn’t want to show My face because well I’m not a smooth skin movie star.

#FishTank was born facing My Meerkat at My computer screen gave My twitter followers time to check Me out well My fish tank that is here are the analytics four thousand views and 280 retweets 200 likes. So that’s not the way the app was intended to be used but I had to start somewhere using the app more I became more comfortable showing My face and ultimately connecting with people all over the world. Meerkat gave Me the key to the world social media would never be the same. In the movie the 5th element with Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker at the end of the movie there is a scene where one person in the middle of the room made everything work. For Me this was Meerkat now My twitter has fifteen thousand one hundred followers and real direct messages from real people verified accounts that follow Me also the power to spread the word like never before.