How YouTube Helps in Branding?

YouTube is the world’s third popular advertising network after Google Adwords and Facebook. YouTube advertising has become very popular over the last 3 years. Reputed brands in India are spending more money today on YouTube to promote their products online, than they did in the past. Some of the popular brands are Olay, Pantene, Garnier, Hyundai, Nissan, Apple, HP, Dell etc. These brands always invest some money on YouTube ads to reach a mass audience. The main objective of Youtube advertising is a brand promotion, not sales. They know how to sell products through their normal marketing channels but with YouTube, they want to create awareness about their products or brands.

Why Popular Brands Prefer YouTube ads?

Popular brands know they have the option to spend on digital marketing platforms like SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Online Media Planning & Buying, but they still prefer YouTube. They prefer not to give their brand a general or commonplace aura by promoting it across every digital marketing platform — it doesn’t make the brand unique, competitive, rich etc.

Objective of YouTube Ads:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Mass Reach
  • Brand Credibility
  • Brand Recall

Why YouTube Advertising?

Being a digital marketing company we have run YouTube ads for clients across categories like Real Estate, Finance, Fashion, eCommerce, etc. We attempted to run lead generation campaigns on YouTube with the goal of generating enquiries, but the results were poor. The leads generated through YouTube ads were not on par when compared with other digital marketing activities.

We got fair number of visitors on the website through the Organic platform (Search Engines). People, who viewed our ads on YouTube, came to our site by searching the company name on search engines. We got a little peak on organic traffic of the website. The organic traffic decreased when we stopped the YouTube ads. This clearly means that YouTube ads help in Brand Awareness and Organic Traffic of the website and we should not ignore this platform when planning the budget for online campaigns of the client.

YouTube offers customized targeting, where we can reach specific users by their interest, age groups, topics, location, mobile devices (Android, iOS, Blackberry etc.). YouTube also offers affinity targeting where we can reach users who specifically view videos of Expensive Cars, Homes, Jewelleries, Gadgets, and Electronic Devices etc.

We can run video, text and image ads on YouTube through Google Display Network. We recommend running Video ads, as they perform well on Google Display Network. YouTube has given us the option to use and manage placements, from where we will show ads on specific websites. If you are an automotive company and want to target users who visit car related websites, affinity targeting would help you to reach those users.

Youtube advertising

YouTube offers Lightbox ads where video ads are shown through display banners. It sounds a bit difficult but it is possible. Let’s see how it works. We use different banners on Google Display Network and when users hover the cursor over a banner then automatically the video starts playing on the user’ browser. The only requirement is that the user should have flash player pre-installed to view the ads and for it to be considered as a Video View.


YouTube advertising has become the world’s leading advertising platform. YouTube ads are recommended for branding. Don’t run YouTube ads if your objective is to achieve leads. It is the best advertising platform to reach a mass audience. Further, you can also direct users to a landing page by putting a text or banner ad at the end of the video. And of course, as discussed earlier, YouTube ads also help improve organic traffic of the website to some extent.