Coffee Table? Honey, that’s for people who put DOWN their coffee.

It’s been said that the first step to quitting is admitting you have a problem.

Let’s get somethin’ straight.

I drink a LOT of coffee.

and I could stop anytime I wanted, with no headaches or withdrawals. but the word “quitter” really isn’t in my vocabulary.

So if you’re a coffee-addict, and you feel like you have problems, I want to help you. Come to my house and we’ll work it out. And by “work it out”, I mean, “I’ll make you and your mama a pot of coffee and we’ll sit on the couch and sort through life’s crusty problems together.”

For those of you who feel like going to a stranger’s house with your mom would be a weird experience, I’m writing this for you.

From my mug & couch to yours, this is the chronicled expedition of life alongside the coffee cup.