GlobalSat GTR 128/129 GPS Tracker Setup

We spent a lot of time getting this GPS tracker to work, so figured I’d share what worked for us in the end in case anyone else is having the same trouble.

GlobalSat GTR129

1. Physical Setup

Physical setup was fairly straightforward following the quick start guide. If you’ve lost it, here’s a link.

2. SIM Setup

Put it into a phone and remove any password or pin that protects the sim. When you put it into the tracker it should blink red as it boots and then only show a yellow light. This means it is connected to the GSM(phone) network, but not the GRPS(data)

3. Set GPRS and Server Settings

We got most of this info from the development documentation, if you want to have a look, it’s here.

We need to send commands to the device now, you do this via SMS and so you need the SIM phone number, but also the device IMEI number. To connect to GPRS we need to tell the tracker the details for the GPRS network, which can be found on your carrier’s website (look for manual internet/data setup). To set server settings you need some online tracking service (we use and its ip and port.

All this is done in one command:



IMEI: unique ID for each tracker (found under the sim card)

GPRS network settings (for Telenor Norway in this example)

Host details (for which we use)

QQ is the NMEA checksum. It is calculated based on the rest of the message. For your own sanity, use a calculator like this one:

with details from above (and a false IMEI) the command becomes:

Send command

Send the above command (with your info) to the phone number of the SIM card. I used skype to make it easy to copy in, but any phone should do.

4. Track your things

After less than 15 minutes the light on the tracker should turn green and it should start appearing on your online tracking service of choice.

If it doesn't, double and triple check that you have all the right info and that you keep copy commands exactly as shown. You can also use the following reboot tracker command to check that you have connection:

Reboot tracker
Where IMEI and QQ are the only things you need to change as described above.

Hope it works out and that you spend less time than we did getting your tracker to work!

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