Ironman Louisville 2016

On November 25, 2015 I signed up to become an Ironman. After tearing my ACL and becoming a runner I found my way into the world of triathlon and have fallen in love with the sport. I started working with a trainer on January 1, 2016 and have spent the last nine months completing warm up races and adhering to an intense Ironman training schedule. It has not been an easy journey. I have had to learn and practice each of the three disciplines, focus my nutrition plan, strengthen my mental game, and commit to getting enough sleep. I feel ready for race day!

None of this would have been possible without the help of my friends and family. You all were there to teach me, motivate me, and celebration each of the milestones with me. It has been an incredible year:

  • I not only ran my first marathon in my hometown but I became a 4-way with Extra Cheese Flying Pig Marathon Finisher
  • I won my age group for the first time ever in a race at the Quo Vadis 10k
  • I earned a 5k PR with my sister and brother-in-law at a Park Run in Australia
  • I busted out my first Tough Mudder with my Cincinnati family
  • I completed my first ever Half Ironman in Muncie coming in under my goal time
  • and I qualified for and competed in the 2016 USAT Age Group Nationals in Omaha my first season ever of being a triathlete

and those are only the highlights! As I mentioned, I would not be here today without the love and support you all have shown me. Therefore, my first Ironman is for you all because you made it happen. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has contributed to this process but I wanted to dedicate my miles to the following:


  1. Jenna Lee Tameris + the Tameris Family- I signed up for IM Lou on November 25, 2015 and you’re the first person I texted the confirmation email to. I definitely wouldn’t have pressed “sign up” had it not been for your encouragement. The Tameris family is a powerhouse family- I have loved playing sports with, for, and around all of you! It’s only fitting the first mile goes to you because you inspired the start of the journey and it’s only fitting that first mile is in water because just as I followed you as my captain into the pool for 2 years of polo, I look forward to following you into the water during my first Ironman!
  2. Jose Cerda Navarro + Sycamore Aves Water Polo- Most triathletes would tell you that swimming is the most difficult leg of the event…and it’s the one I look most forward to doing. I was a swimmer far before I was a cyclist or runner thanks to my Syacmore Aves Water Polo family. I had incredible 4 years playing with you all- ladies, you’re nothing short of fantastic and men, you guys made us better while bringing a whole lot of personality to the table haha A special mention needs to go out to Jose Cerda. Jose, you were my friend and teammate. You brought your best inside and outside of the natatorium so this one is for you.


  1. Peter Wimberg- Here we are, Coach! Let it be known that I had no idea how to clip into a road bike before I met you and 9 months later I’m becoming an Ironman. We’ve come a long way since January 1st. Thank you so much for guiding me through this journey! We both know I’m not the easiest athlete to work with- my schedule is packed full, I don’t always make the right priority calls (sports vs training vs sleep vs etc), I ask to do injury prone activties like Tough Mudders (where you just shake your head and say be careful), and I am always gunning to race when sometimes a training weekend would be more beneficial. Knock on wood we haven’t had any injuries and I feel healthy and ready! Thanks for getting me to the startline, I’ll get us to the finish.
  2. Sean McGrory- Sean, you were my first mentor in the sport of triathlon! You fueled my love for the disciplines from the very beginning and have been nothing but supportive every step of the way. We conquered my first 56 mile bike ride together (I nearly died) and my first race as a triathlete together (Deer Creek- we both medaled that day). Everytime I work out with you, I get stronger and I love the sport more. Thanks for everything!
  3. Robert Pettifer- Robert….you’re just fantastic! haha First off, your spinning classes have been invaluable throughout this journey- I push just that much harder when I’m spinning with you because I know that if I don’t, I’m going to get called out for it. My favorite part is when you tell the class to add 1 gear and then say something like, “but if you’re planning to complete an Ironman this season you should push 2–3 more gears” and then you give me the look haha You’ve playe a massive role in making me a better cyclist (my weakest leg when I started). My first Half Ironman was with you in Muncie and it brought me so much comfort to know that I had a mentor/friend with me that weekend. My first 100 mile bike ride was with you and we tackled it like champions. That’s a really difficult jump to go from long-ish weekend bike rides to the first 100 mile ride and I felt great getting off the bike…so much so that I went for a run afterwards. You paced me perfectly, you coached me through it, and you believed in me. I have deeply valued you and all of the help you’ve given me over the 9 months- thank you!
  4. Kevin Comer- My fellow indoor competitor! I met you in the first week I joined CSC and have had a blast racing against you…even though I can’t keep up. You’re so much fun to be around inside and outside of the gym and have been nothing but supportive as I’ve taken steps to reach this goal. Once this is over, I’m going to take you up on those swim lessons and we’re going to get you some shoes so you can keep up with me in spin class :) Thanks, Kevin!
  5. Pedro Bigelow- Pedro, I can hear you cheering for me already haha Whether we’re passing each other on course or you’re cheering me into the finish, your big personality PUMPS me up. Thank you so much for being such a big fan in my first season as a triathlete. I am definitely going to take you up on Tues/Thurs rides because you’re right, if I can keep up with the boys I’m going to be able to smoke the girls!
  6. Becca Peets- A couple of months after I signed up for this race I remember visiting you in Chicago and saying, “Becca, what did I just do??” haha It’s not easy to maintain such a strong friendship 300 miles apart from each other, yet we still seem to pull it off. You’ve been a big cheerleader from the beginning and I so wish you could be here for this big day. Thanks for constantly reminding me to breathe and to execute at the level of excellence I always have and will hold myself to. I love you!
  7. Kate Schumacher Klingensmith- Kate….we’re going to Worlds! Not so much, but this is pretty cool too haha This has not been an easy process- it takes a lot of hours, intense focus, discipline, and some sacrifice (I hate sacrifice). You’re the only one who has heard the commenary through all of it. You’ve told me to suck it up and go workout when I was dragging my heels and you’ve told me to rest when I was nearing exhaustion. Simply put, thanks for being my rock not just in this endeavor but in all endeavors. I am SO grateful that you’re going to be in Louisville with me. I love you!
  8. William Schumacher- My big brother! I am so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to grow closer to you through P&G, Top Gun, and all of our other miscellaneous activities. I look up to you big time- I’m impressed by your problem solving abilities, your forward thinking tendancies, your athleticism, and most of all your ability to be so in touch with your state of being. You know exactly what your body/mind needs more times than not and I’ve never quite gotten the hang of that. Thanks for trusting me with pieces of your life and for always being there when I need a logical analysis of what’s going on in my world. Love you, brother!
  9. William Edward- But you gotta do the work, work, work, work, work haha Will, I don’t know what else to say other than I deeply, deeply value your friendship. You bring so much intensity to everything you do and it never fails to pump me up. I had a blast celebrating our Spartan/Half Ironman races together at family dinner- one of my favorite things about you is that even though you’re impressive and accomplished you always compliment others first…celebrating their successes. When we walk off the court and I tell you that you had a GREAT game, your first reaction isn’t “Yeah, I did” it’s “Your beautiful sets make my job easy.” You always make me feel like a champion and I hope I do the same for you. It goes without saying how much I love the angry shorts and one liners too- a killer personality to top it all off! I am looking forward to many, many more country concerts, kayaking trips, volleyball seasons, and races. It’d mean a lot to see you on Oct 9th- rally Dylan and Kate beause a hype squad would make all the difference as I try to bust this out haha Thanks for everything, Will! Oh….you should know this mile isn’t just for you #RIPHarambe
  10. Dylan Phillips- It took me a little while to earn your friendship :) that’s okay though becuase it was a frienship 100% worth waiting for. The Dylan I met back in February is very different than the Dylan I know today. You’re more confident, you’re not afraid to let your goofy personality show, you’re so much more mentally tough, and you’re feeling comfortable being you. I love it and it inspires me to be a better person. I’ve said it 100 times but I know I can always turn to you for a suble “good job” haha that affirmation makes ALL of the difference in my game on the court and my confidence off the court. I am really enjoying our talks too- we’ve found an awesome balance of trading advice, laughing together, and celebrating each other’s wins. I always feel safe around you and am looking forward to so many more adventures- let’s keep breaking down those walls! Oh, and thanks to you if my bike computer somehow switches to Spanish on race day again, I’ll know exactly how to handle it! You’re the best, Filipe. Thank you!
  11. Joshua Mitchell- Oh man…so many thoughts and words. Josh, you’ve been with me from the start. You’ve mostly just called me crazy for chasing this goal but I know it’s your extremely discrete way of saying you’re impressed…because heaven fobid you hand me too many compliments haha You’re my best friend here in Cincinnati- my first follower, my biggest supporter, my fellow adventurer, etc. You were there right after my first marathon ready to carry my bag/drive me to celebration brunch and you were the first one to welcome me home from a physically and menthall exhausting USAT Nationals. I was so excited to see you both times :) You’re who I want to be on every court/field/diamond with- I know you’re always watching out for me and you never hestiate to jump in and help me get better. We just work well together- it doesn’t matter that we rarely agree on anything right off the bat or that you’re are a relenteless teaser. We just work. We work and I trust you. I could go on and on and on about what you’ve meant to me this last year but you know. The fact is, I need you in Louisville Josh. I have to have you there. Accomplishing this without you there wouldn’t be the same. Thanks for leaning on me and letting me lean on you!
  12. Jake Schumacher- Jake, why did it take us so long to meet?? It’s not that big of a deal though because since we knew so much about each other prior to meeting, we uniquely clicked right off the bat. I feel like a part of the Schumacher family around you, Kate, and Will and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You’re definitely the Schu that gives me the most shit, but that’s also okay because I know that’s just your way of showing how much you like me haha Thanks for accepting me into the family and even though your mile is in the bike, know I’ll be leveraging my inner water fairy intensity (you wish you could keep up with me in a pool). On a side note, this is a HUGE race so you definitely owe me a beer after I bust this out #MyNewDrinkingBuddy
  13. Sree Panuganty- Welcome to One Lytle! Sree, you’re fantastic haha You’re always are interested in how training is going and no activiy is dull when you’re around. I will not be racing in khaki shorts or a polo on October 9th but I will be channeling that outfit inside of me haha #PowerThreads I’m looking forward to so many more adventures with you and the squad!
  14. Curran Putz Petrites- My fellow sports enthusiast! You also have been one of my biggest advocates through this training process- deeply interested in what I’m doing and how I’m getting it done. It’s been fun talking with you becuase as a fellow triathlete you know where I’m coming from. I am so sorry about your knee injury but I am extremely proud of how patient you have been and how you’ve let this experience re-shape you as a person. This mile is for you but when you go and bust out your own Ironman, I’ll expect one of your miles to be for me :) Thanks for cheering for me and know I’m always here cheering for you too!
  15. Brooke Stull + Danny Stull + Krista Marie Adams- In my first Half Ironman I had super scrappy traithlon gear- no fancy helmet, trikit, wetsuit, etc. However, I STILL looked like a champ because I wore my HOME shirt for the bike ride and the Bengals Ohio shirt for the run. I didn’t have a ton of friends there with me but multiple people yelled, “Nice work, Cincy!” when I went past the crowd. Thanks for outfitting me with my city’s swag! More importantly, thank you all for supporting me as an athlete. You all have been incredible neighbors/friends and I look forward to hanging out on Stanley with you.
  16. Andrew Magliozzi + Katy Magliozzi- Magzz!!! I can’t not laugh/smile when playing sports or hanging out with you. You bring such energy and personality to any setting but you’re also an extraordinary friend, ready to listen whenever I need you. Thank you so much for cheering me on throughout this journey! You and Katy were right at the finish waiting for me after the Flying Pig, in all of your Power Ranger glory, and I know you’re excited about all of my finish lines for this race and for the many other challenge in my future. Thanks for being you, thanks for being an irreplacable friend, and thanks for all of the love you and Katy have shown me! Who Dey! (had to drop that in there)
  17. Carlos Xavier Baez Alvarado- ¡Mi amigo! usted se preocupa por mi salud más que nadie. Me acuerdo de lo nerviosa que estabas después de mi deshidratación episcopia que me dijo que si me iba a llevar a cabo esta carrera que iba a necesitar para cuidar mejor a mí mismo . He hecho mi mejor esfuerzo para escuchar su consejo. Muy poco después de que te conocí no había duda de si está o no se preocupaba por mí. Gracias por estar siempre ahí, por siempre me dice lo que le gusta de mí, y por ayudarme a no ser demasiado duro conmigo mismo . Este milla es para usted! (that was probably terrible Spanish and it took me 20 minutes to write it but I tried haha)
  18. Ben Arwine- Ben Arwine….this guy. Let me just say, it’s going to be really difficult being the most powerful athlete in Louisville, but I mean…you know how tough it is to be the most talented, important person in a room haha In all seriousness though, when I interviewed you for PSE something like 4 years ago I had no idea that’d I’d leave college with such a generous, kind-hearted, loyal friend. You have always been one of my biggest fans and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have you in my corner. Thanks for being fanstic- I miss you here in Cincinnati all the time! Love you, Ben!
  19. Lawlor Coe- I miss you SO much Lawlor! I have been training for this Ironman legitimately since January 1st. I have no idea how many hours I’ve clocked on a bike but I can tell you that it feels like a lot. My favorite ride out of all of them though was our morning ride around Oxford/Houston Woods…out of all the rides, my favorite was ours. I spent 4 fantastic years at Miami and never knew how perfectly serene and calm the world is outside of the chaotic uptown/campus scene. Like I mentioned in your graduation letter, I am incredibly impressed by your physical/mental strength and have definitely used it to inspire me through my workouts. I wish you could be in Louisville for the big day- regardless, I’d love to see you soon! Thanks for trusting me, for always making me laugh, and for being there when I need you. Love you, Lawlor!
  20. Hunter Coe + Suicide Prevention (MM)- Last year the Coe family lost an incredibly talented and loved member of their family, Hunter Coe. The pain a hole like that leaves is indescribable. This mile is for Hunter, for my cousin Barton who also took his life, and for the many friends and family members all over the world who are affected each year by suicide. Thanks to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and to all of the other fantastic organizations striving to raise awareness, fund research, and provide presources.
  21. Andy Auble- My globetrotter! I hope that you have had a fanstastic time traveling the world- I have missed you big time! I can’t wait to hear all of your stories. As this trip so perfectly demonstrates, I admire your love of life. I know very few people who are confident enough to just pick up and go explore all by themselves. Every experience is an aventure for you and you approach those adventures with such a care-free, go with the flow attitude. I was given a strict training schdule and it kills me inside when I see red “incompletes” on my calendar….but life happens and sometimes 45 minutes in the pool isn’t the most important thing. I’ve done my best to embrace your flexibility and your complete believe that everything will be okay. Thanks for helping me chill out and I can’t wait to see you! Love you, Andy!
  22. Jon Leist- My partner-in-cirme, right hand man, fellow innovator, and best friend. I was so lucky that I got to meet you first thing freshman year, do college with you, and then end up running not just any organization but a Nationaly acclaimed organization with you. We balance each other perfectly. While we both have the same high standard of excellence, we attack projects in complete opposite ways, which often times leads to us “discussing” (but really arguing) how we think we should execute. While most relationships would crumble under that pressure, ours doesn’t and it’s because we trust each other. Whenever I looked you in the eye and said, “Jon, I need you to trust me.” you let me go. Whether I was competing against you or working with you, you always made me stronger…and I hope I did the same for you. I’m looking forward to our lifelong friendship because I have a feeling it’s only going to get better from here! Love you, Jon!
  23. Connor Evan O’Hearn- Boss man! I have loved watching you tear it up as you’ve started your career. Thank you so much for your friendship at Miami and post. You are just a classy dude :) Congrats on all of you recent accomplishments- I am always here cheering for you and I apprecaite you’ve always been there to cheer for me too. You look great, you’re rocking it at work, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m going to try to bust this mile out with at least half the amount of style you bring to table everyday haha
  24. Michael Markesbery- You are such a special part of my life becuase you’re one of the few who knows me so well that you’re unwilling to accept the easy answers. It doesn’t matter if we spend every day together for months of if we don’t see each other for months, you never seem to lose that pulse on my life. For the record, I like it better when you’re not MIA. Thank you for always celebrating my wins with me and for pushing me to take risks that help me achieve, sometimes, goals I never even knew appealed to me. I am so excited for your first marathon- I’m always here to be a running buddy and come race time, if you’re interested in a travel buddy say the word and I’ll be in Dallas. Thank you, Michael :)
  25. Jim Friedman- It’s no coincidence you’re my 25th mile. Thank you so much for letting me force my way into your world and for investing in me even during my young, “non-human life form” freshman year. You helped bring my brand to life and made it far more meaningful than I ever could have imagined it being. This is my manifesto, this is how I do life now, and this is how I’m going to get through this race. This extremely special mile is for you, my friend!
  26. Aaron Nightingale + Eriona Shtjefni- A-Night! Boy, do I love and miss you! I was so lucky to have you first as a mentor and then as a mentor/friend throughout my Miami career. I looked up to you from the moment I met you and I still do. Your energy for disrupting spaces is contagious (I would be the first to follow you onto any project) and I walk away smarter from every single one of our conversations haha I also love how loyal and dedicated of a friend you are. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your friends or family, which always makes me feel 100% safe and valued in your company. I’m so ridiculously happy you found somebody to date who balances out your energy and who actually is more impressive than you are ;) haha I deeply, deeply value my friendship with you and Eriona and can’t wait to go on many more adventures with you both. Thank you for always believing in me, for telling me when my good is not good enough, and for always being so curious/interested in how my life is going. Sending my love to NYC!
  27. Maaike Rutter- I sure as hell am not slacking on this mile! I can already hear you yelling at me haha One of the many reasons I love you is because you always tell it like it is. You’ve said over and over that having that quality, like any quality, has it’s pros and cons but it’s one of my favorite things about you and I think it’s part of the reason we’re such close friends. I know that I can tell you anything and everything becuase I’m going to get your 100% honest, hold nothing back response- that’s a rare find. Whether we’re non-stop with each other or whether we go a couple of months without catching up, I know our friendship is always in a great spot and that picking up where we left off will never be a problem. Thank you for your support throughout these past 9 months as I get ready for race day and for the past 5 years as we’ve taken on the world together. Love you, buddy!
  28. David Dalton- David Dalton, I can’t not smile when I’m around you. You are a kind-hearted, super supportive, ridculously funny southern gentlemen and I am crazy lucky I get to call you my friend. You are always so deeply interested in what projects/challenges I’m pushing through, always there to give me the affirmation I need to keep working through them. Thank you for your open ears, fantastic hugs, and big heart. After this race, my schedule is finally going to more free to take you up on your open door. See you in Nashville!
  29. Aaron Rutherford- Big Bear!!! I think of you at the beginning of the majority of my workouts because there’s always a 10 second period before I jump into the pool, clip into the bike, or start running where I take a deep breath and then I hear your voice yell “Wheels Up!!!!” and then I go haha I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to hang out in the Vally with for 6 months and I’m so glad you took the position with Pilot44- it’s time for me to come back out to visit! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, for building the best soundtracks for our adventures, and for being a fantastic friend!
  30. Tyler Guyot- Ty! I miss you big time but I love hearing that you’re tearing it up on the west coast. I am so proud of all you have accomplished out there- I miss the Valley every single day! Eventually I need to come out to visit you. I want surfing lessons and to go on hikes…all of the adventure things you do. Hey, maybe I’ll be photogenic enough to make the Instagram cut- the pics are incredilble, dude! Thanks for being such a big supporter of my Ironman endeavors from so far away- I’m going to bust this mile out for you!
  31. Jack Dahm- If there’s one thing I can assure you, it’s that the logistics have NOT been sloppy for this operation! I’m going to be biking or running into the finishing chutes and all I’m going to hear in my head is, “DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!” haha Whenever we’re together our volume triples (and we’re already loud to begin with) and at some point we’ll probably sing together. You’re one of the VERY few people I know who has more energy than I do, and I love it! If I get tired during this race, which I’m bound to at some point, I’m going to think of you and try to channel some sort of extra burst of energy. All the ducks on the pond!!! haha It would make my day to see you in Louisville yelling my name becuase goodness knows, there’s not chance I won’t hear it! haha Love yah, Jack!
  32. Amber Hallmann- My mini-me! I have had an absolute blast watching you rock your college career. It was fun observing in person when I was still at Miami but now you’re conquring even bigger and better things and I love it! I’m so lucky I got the chance to work with you during your first year and I hope that I have the opportunity to do so again in the future. I’m always here if you need me- thanks for being such a big fan of mine as well!
  33. Mike Norris- I am so glad you’re here in Cincinnati these days. Thank you for all of the artistic adventures, Cincinnati explorations, and definitely for the brunches. I think the first thing you ask me everytime I see you is, “How’s training going?” and regardless of the answer you’re always there to give me the lift I need. Thanks for never failing to make me smile, for being my opposite (which allows us to be a KILLER team on projects), and for never hesitating to enroll in my crazy, last-minute ideas.
  34. Benjamin Paulides- Sir, I hope you are loving at school out west. I can’t wait to hear about your latest and greatest projects! I have so enjoyed catching up with you from time to time post our college career and I am extremely excited for what your future holds. You are so incredibly talented and I love that you’re chasing your dreams. Thank you for always being such a huge supporter of my endeavors- this mile is for you!
  35. Sean Crowe- All I have to say is I’m going to get this mile done #LikeAnEntrepreneur haha Sean, you already know how talented and fantastic I think you are. Thank you so much for building into me as I developed throughout my college career. I loved being mentored by you, I loved working on project teams with you, I loved tearing it up on the court/field with you, and everywhere in between. Thank you for always believing in me, investing in me, and showing me the ropes. This is for you!
  36. Molly Babbington- Molly, I want to be you when I grow up haha This started from when I met you as a freshman and you were a senior at Miami and still holds true today. I am in awe of all you accomplish and of how deeply you care for others and the world around you. The second you start your own business/non-profit I need to know because I’ll sign up to work for you. Thank you for trailblazing a path through Miami for me, for teaching me to chase what I’m passionate about, and for being one of the strongest female role models I have in my life!
  37. Chrissy Woodrome + Patrick Brogan- When I joined PSE you were studying abroad so I met Brogan first. I ran into him at the Regionals social at Stadium and he called me over (I thought I was so cool) and he said, “Allie, I really like you.” So I replied, “Oh yeah? haha Why?” and he told me that his absolutely beautiful girlfriend has red hair and so do I and that I’m going to love her when I meet her hahaha He was right :) I sure hope that I have more similarities to you than just my red hair! Thank you so much for being a mentor throughout my PSE career and beyond. I have looked up to you from the start and I am so appreciative of all the tips, support, and help you’ve given. Thanks for all of it! This one is for you and Pat!
  38. Joseph Andrew Horine- D-D-D-D-DJJJJJ Squirrel Beats!!! I hope that everything is going so well in your world! I can’t help but smile just sitting here thinking about you haha I love the energy, I love the crazy shorts, and I so appreciate how much you invest in and care about other people. I deeply appreciate your friendship and I can’t wait to hear about your latest adventures. Thanks for always being there for the smile or high five I needed!
  39. Amy Halpern- Halpy I miss and love you! I wish I was back in Chicago so we could eat ALL the pizza together more often :) I hope that you have been fantastic lately- loving life! Thank you so much for being somebody fun and energetic and caring that I could come to at Miami and post my college career. I know that I am always bound to have a GREAT time in your presence but I also know you’re also there for a serious conversation if I ever need you. Thanks for watching out for me- this mile is for you :)
  40. Meagan Mitchell- Rooms! Boy, have I missed you. I am so lucky that you’ve hung in there and have chosen to love me as a best friend for so long. We are complete opposites- our volume level, our demeanor, our interests, our talents, etc. In most cases that’d make it tough for two people to relate but there are very, very few times when I don’t feel like I’m on the same page as you. You’ve subtly pushed me out of my comfort zone when most would have no idea how to do that, you put up with my need to verbalize my thoughts to understand them, and you value me regardless if I overdeliver on our friendship or if I sometimes come up short. Thank you for your patience, for your honesty, and for supporting me in all that I do- love you!
  41. Giselle Schipper- Mama Giselle! You’re a badass haha I cut 20 minutes off my best half marathon time training with you because you’re a beast….and I still got smoked by you that day. Thank you for being such a light in my life athletically, spiritually, and emotionally. It has meant so much to me that you chose to step into a mom figure role when I needed it the most and you’ve never looked back since. I know I’m exhausting, I know sometimes you roll your eyes at all I put on my plate, but all I can say is thank you for putting up with me and for being such a big fan. I love you!
  42. The Tune Squad- Tunes! Thank you so much for being my Scholar Leader Family and my Intramural Family…and my housemates haha I have had a blast playing with you all and I still wear my jersey all of the time. I appreciate the late night talks, the impromptu advenures, and especially for how helpful you all were when I tore my ACL. That’s where this whole journey started and I wouldn’t have been able to get through that tough time without you guys. I’ve never had to sit on the sidelines before so thanks for helping me learn patience. Elizabeth Cochran and Caren Kay, thanks for keeping tabs on me up in the 2nd floor pad (you know at the top of the death stairs). Kim Parent, thanks for coming home early and telling me I was stupid for attempting to climb onto the roof with a torn ACL to get into the house (probably not my best move). Maura Manning, thanks for not taking it easy on me even when I was injured (I can take your sass any day of the week). Nate Stasik, thanks for leading the team like a champ. You always do and I knew the squad was in good hands when I couldn’t be on the court/field to contribute. Oh AND for making sure I wasn’t late to my first PT appointment when Becca killed my car. I would have lost my mind if being late was the way I started my relationship with my Physical Therapist…you are still my hero lol I love you all!
  43. Tim Kremcheck- This journey started with you. When I tore my ACL I was devestated- I had no idea what it felt like to be immobile on the sidelines. I was mad and upset and I didn’t feel like me anymore. When you repaired my ACL you bluntly told me it was going to be a long climb back to where I was physically and most likely mentally. I finally got over being upset and accepted the challenge. I gave PT everything I had and I enjoyed all of the milestones along the way (a 15 degree bend, my first unaided steps, stitches coming out, my first running steps in the pool, bending down to pick up a cup, etc.). I had never experienced phsyically imporvement faster- I guess that’s what happens when you start from ground 0, you have higher to climb. When I was cleared for activity all I was allowed to do was run so by god I was going to be a great runner then. One mile turned into two turned into my first four half marathons. I followed it up with my first full marathon, became a triathlete, and am about to earn the title of Ironman. I not only climbed back to where I was- I soared right past it and my knee feels great. People sometimes ask me if I’m bummed out about my scar, about my ACL tear, and I tell them that if I could go back and choose to sit the play out where I got injured. I absolutely wouldn’t. Through this experience I learned how to be patient, I develioed far stronger discipline that I had coming in, and I now don’t take any of my atheltic ability for granted. You’re why I’m here today and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, doctor!
  44. Brett R. Smith- I remember walking onto Miami’s campus as a senior in college, as so many do, to decide if this is where I wanted to go to school. I had applied to 11 Universities and Miami was the only in-state option so my mind was basically made up- I was headed out. However, that was before I walked into the Farmer School of Business. I felt the need to strive for excellence the moment I crossed into the commons. At some point in the day I found myself in the Institute and after talking for awhile you looked me right in the eyes and said, “You need to come here.” I accepted my offer to enroll on the car ride home. I had the college career that I did because of you. You never led me astray, you pushed me to tackle the more difficult challenges, and you never held me to the status quo standard you held me to what became the Allie standard. I failed, learned, built, led, and mentored others so beautifully because you believed in me and helped me find the right contexts to develop those skills. You’re a busy man and your door was always open to me to talk through family issues, big ideas, random thoughts and everything else. I love you, Brett!
  45. Mark Lacker- School Dad!!! I am so lucky that shortly after I stepped into the Farmer School of Business that you chose to take me under your wing and treat me like a daughter. I came to you when I earned wins, when I was near tears, and everytime in between. You always sat and listened until it was painfully silent and then you followed up with a burst of wisdom or a mic drop worthy question. Thank you for leaning on me to be a contributor to Miami’s Entrepreneurship Insititute- it would make my day when you’d walk into the conference room and say, “Allie, I have a project for you.” Just like I worked endlessly to overdeliver for you then, I plan to do that for you now. I love you, Mark! Thanks for all of it.
  46. Jessica Joyce- There have been times when I’ve been asked why I’ve made certain decisions because they were the tougher decision or the unpopular decision or the decision nobody thought would work and, no joke, the answer has been becuase I have a ridiculously strong female mentor who loves me unconditionally, pours into me, and forces new perspective on me when I need it the most. You are one of the most kind-hearted people I know but that doesn’t come at the expense of striving to acheive or being tough. It’s funny…you’ve always been a runner/athlete and I’ve always been an athlete (my intro to the running world was much more recent) but I don’t think it’s coincidence that we both invested in triathlon around the same time. God is great and I am SO lucky that I get to become and Ironman with you and JJ. I can’t wait to share the moment with you. See you at the finish line, Jess!
  47. Roger L. Jenkins- I think I almost fainted on the second day of my college career when your secretary emailed me and told me that the Dean of the Farmer School of Business wanted me to come in for a half hour meeing “just to get to know me.” What??? I almost wrote back saying, “You mean to tell me that the Dean of the Famer School of Business, whose life is non-stop, wants to hang out with me?” but I didn’t becuase I didn’t want her to rescend the offer so I wrote back in minutes saying, “Yes- anytime, anywhere. Absolutely, yes.” hahaha Man, am I lucky that you called that meeting because I wouldn’t be who I am today if you hadn’t. Your door was always open to me from then on out and it still is today- I couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you for your mentorship, your support, your hospitality, and for all the love you and Basia have shown me. I’m mentally tough enough for this race because you pushed me to be that way. After this race I can’t wait to sit back and relax on your georgous moutain home porch, admiring the colors of fall, in a comfy sweater and jeans. See you there!
  48. Basia Jenkins- Normally when I try to descibe you to my friends I have no words becuase anything I say couldn’t possibly do justice to what an incredible woman you are. But recently you gave me the most perfect story. I tell them Basia Jenkins came to my recently purchased home before it was all put together and I was a nervous wreck becuase I didn’t want her to see what I thought looked shambly. You complimented the home throughout the entire tour though telling me that you couldn’t wait to see how I used my creativity to make it my own. Many months later you came back up to Cincinnati and at dinner, out of nowhere, you told me that you remembered I had a pefectly square little planter built into my deck so you brought me flowers to plant there. What??? Basia took flowers out of her award-winning garden and drove them 8 hours to Cincinnati just for me? I smile at that story becuase it shows how incredibly generous and wonderful you are. Let there be no mistake, you are a strong, fierce, extremely intelligent woman but those attributes are balanced out so well by your warmth and kindness. Thank you for always telling me I’m special, for being an irreplacable female role model, and for showing me by example how to chase my dreams and love others while doing it.
  49. Glenn Platt- You changed my life when you convinced me to go to San Franciscp- Top 5 best decisions I ever made at Miami Unviersity. Thank you for constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and for letting me take on the city full force the best way I knew how. I am so impressed by your work, your Institute, and how you bring out the best in students. I am a proud AIMS graduate and I couldn’t be more thankful for your time and energy. This is for you, Glenn!
  50. Brian Bergman- Bri!!! While I know the teasing will never cease (I’m only going to say it once but I am a huge fan of your personality/sense of humor) I remember feeling a shift from being teased as a student to being teased as a respected peer. I have always up to you as a source of wisdom, as someone who will break things down for me in a way that is both intriguing and helpful, and most notably as a a gaurenteed provider of a reality check. Coming from relatively similar backgrounds, it has been a breath of fresh air to know I have somebody who really does understand when I vent and who listens to me coming to the table as my true “no filter on” self. I can’t tell you how much I value our friendship and I can’t wait to see all you accomplish throughout your doctoral pursuit and beyond. Thank you, Bri!
  51. Deb Miller Coleman- I love walking into your office, DC! I remember during one of my first visits you told me that I am a super strong, motivated young woman and that I need to make sure that I give myself every opportunity to succeed. It takes a lot to find balance- balance with your friends, education, family, career goals, etc. I hope that I do at least as half a great of job as you do. Thank you for always believing in me, cheering for me, and being there as an extremely valuable female role model.
  52. David Rosenthal- One of my favorite places to bike is the Loveland bike trail- it’s beautiful, it’s not too hilly (which isn’t always great for my training plan but oh well), and I can’t get lost! However when I ride on the trail I often think of you becuase I can hear and see the birds. I remember when you asked me if I had a couple of open hours in the middle of the school/work day and we left Farmer to go birdwatching. I had never done that before but it was fantastic! I learned that day that calm, tranquil moments are important too. When younger students ask how to succeed in your class I tell them that it’s easy- be prepared and work hard. It’s not difficult, they simply just have to make the choice to do both of those things. That’s what I’ve done working up to this Ironman and I promise I will overdeliver on this mile for you. Thank you Dr. Rosenthal!
  53. Tony Alexander- Tony, you have been a fantastic mentor and friend. I am fiercely loyal Cincinnatian and I have loved watching you co-build the Startup Community here in our city. I need to keep finding ways to contribute and opportunities to play on Vine Street with you all. Thanks for always taking the time to catch up when I’m in need of perspective and for cheering for me in all that I do. It means so much to have you in my corner and I’m always here to help if you ever need me. This one is for you!
  54. Nick Seguin- You once told me to balance my entrepreneurial tendancy to think ahead and forward-lean with being present, aware, and consciously processing the now. I’ve never been great at that balance. I want to know what’s ahead, or better yet I want to build what’s ahead. I want to have a plan, I want to see parts of it fail, and I want to be smart, strong, and confident enough to build a new one based off of what I learned. The quote you gave me in my graduation book said, “Have patience with everything unresolved in your hear adn try to love the questions themselves.” This journey has been a test of patience and failures. Thanks for helping me enjoy each little step as opposed to rushing through the journey to get to the end result. The finish line with taste sweeter becuase of it. I greatly appreciate your mentorship and friendship- you’re the man, Nick!
  55. Dave Knox- When I finished my Miami University career you told me that I was successful becuase I did not just run the same race that everybody else raced (to be the best at their job) but that I found opportunities where I filled the unforgiving minute with my own unique version of sixty seconds worth of a distance run. That’s what set me apart at Miami and, if I could continue to do that, that’s what would set me apart in my career. What you said to me is not just verbal advice, I’ve watched you live that advice since I met you. It’s been a whirlwind of a first year at P&G but I have not forgotten what you said and I am in pursuit of making my own version of sixty seconds…or if we’re applying my brand, my own 25 hours haha I plan to do the same in this race- don’t run the same plan, run my own plan. Don’t push hard to catch someone when it’s not time, eat/drink when I need to eat and drink. It’s easy to get caught up running someone else race with them and because of you I’m confident I’ll be able to run my own. Thanks, Dave, for your never ending support!
  56. Sean Lane- I am so glad our paths crossed at Startup Weekend and continue to cross there! I have had a blast learning from you, mentoring along side of you, and part of me wants to say partying with you too but at this most recent Startup Weekend we found I have some trouble keeping up haha In your graduation note to me you told me that excuses are for losers and to keep pushing through challenges with perserverence. It’s stuck with me since I read your letter. It is so easy to make excuses for why I didn’t get in the pool when I should have or why a workout was cut short…that’s BS though. What I strive to do based off your advice is to assign priority and execute. There’s no excuse for not giving 100% not just in every workout but in everything I do in life. When I start to falter, which will always happen, it’s time to reasses my priorities and to make decisions on how to be more successful…but it’s ever time to start making excuses. Thanks for always being a supporter, for always being so much for to be around, and for believing in me. Here’s to you, Sean!
  57. Geoff Zoeckler- Geoff! I love your energy :) I know I have told you 100 times already but I am so excited that you’re teaching at Miami- you belong in that Institute! When I met you I was instantly intriguied by your approach to creativity and human understanding. I will never forget the story of your daughter reaching out to take the hand of a boy who needed the affirmation/comfort of a frend during the school concert. Training to become an Ironman is sometimes a depressingly lonely pursuit. You put in a lot of hours, a lot of them consecutively, and there just aren’t that many people who want to sign up for those workouts. I have had multiple people reach out and “grab my hand” throughout this process but what I’ve slowly realized is that they don’t need to physically be there for me to know that they care. Thank you for always cheering for me!
  58. David Eyman- I love working with you because you’re so much fun to build with. We start with an idea and that that idea takes a turn and then one of us says something that kind of relates and it goes on and on. Your energy and creativity are inspiring- you attack every problem with a unique angle and a smile…I love it and I aspire to get better and better at it! Thank you for staying in touch as I’ve been pursuing this goal and I hope you are loving Miami so far!
  59. Dave Chappell- I’ve taken your class once but I’ve sat through three of your “first classes” because I LOVE them. Is that weird? Let me reference my actual first class with you. Just like every first class you walk in from the back, give your speech on preparation, and then you run through the syllabus. You make it so crystal clear that you expect nothing less than everybody’s best and that you will not accept any excuses, incompetence, or immaturity. By the end of the class there was pure fear in so many eyes haha Some call it harsh, I call it spectacular. I waited my turn patiently to come up and talk to you. I shook your hand, introduced myself, and told you that I had no doubt that we were going to have a great semester together. Why shouldn’t everbody be held to the highest standards? Sure it’s a high bar but it’s definitely not an unreachable bar- that’s what makes you a great teacher and not a bully. Dr. Chappell I sure as hell will not slack on this mile becuase just as you expected my best in the classroom, I plan give you my best always and everywhere. Thank you!
  60. Todd Bailey- I heard so many stories about how I needed to take a class with you before graduating and I am so lucky that you volunteered your extremely valuable time to personally work with me on an independent study. You’re a busy man but the one-on-one attention you gave me helped me not only understand business law better but provided a forum for me to learn far more from you than what lies in the confines of textbook. I don’t know what I did to deserve your extra attention but I couldn’t be more grateful for it and I hope you’re seeing a return on your investment. I have not forgotten about our every-so-often brunches, we’re about due for another! Thank you for taking a risk on me and for continually pushing me to be my best self.
  61. Austin Allison- I will never forget sitting across from you in your SF office. during our first meeting. You pulled out your binder with your goals list and opened your laptop to show your screensaver with all of your pictures and you told me, “I set goals and I acheive them.” I loved it. There’s something about writing them down and staring at them everyday. You had a boot on your foot and I had just graduated out of my ACL brace- look how healthy we are now! It’s crazy to think that less than 1.5 years later I’ll be rocking out my first Ironman. It’s an honor being a triathelte with you, it’s an honor being an innovator like you, and it’s an honor to call you a mentor…this mile is for you!
  62. Andrew Backs + John Corshen- I could have ended up at one of any thousand companies in San Francisco last year and somehow I was lucky enough to find you two! I had the time of my life in the bay area and I miss it every single day- I miss hacking through projects, celebrating new business, and having fun in the office with you both. Thank you SO much for taking a risk on me when the last thing a new company needs is a potential distraction. Thank you for teaching me how to attack problems from different angles and thank you for being my first cheerleaders as I started to learn how to run again from my ACL injury. This Ironman wouldn’t be happening if I wouldn’t have fallen in love with running out in San Francisco and since I didn’t have many friends and no family members out there with me, it meant so much to me that you both were my biggest fans before, during, and after my first 4 half marathons. Congrats on all of your Pilot44 success- as pilot #3 I will ALWAYS be cheering for you!
  63. Ann Thompson + Jason Hauer- Ann & Jason, I am so lucky I met you towards to start of my career in Cincinnati. I think what you two have built within the Garage Group is incredible but even more so than that you both are just wonderful, giving, kind, smart people. You make those around you better…and I’m lucky to one of those people from time to time. Thanks for always cheering for me- it means the world to me! Next time you make pancakes at the office I’d love to come help :) Thank you both!
  64. Stanley Kaniecki III- I think it’s funny that throughout my entire Sycamore High School career and even after my high school career I have always called you Coach K…you have never actually been my coach before haha I think that’s a testiment to how I view the role you play in my life. I feel comfortable asking you for help, advice, and perspective becuase you coach me through it. Thank you for always being there for a high five, a quick conversation, or to yell at me to go faster when I run past your house. You’re the best, Coach K- this one is for you!
  65. Peiter M Griga- The first thing I’m going to do when I cross the finish line is point behind me and say, “You don’t see a dipsy doodle like that every day do yah?” Hopefully Ms. Elle will fly in for the big game! haha I have told you more times than one how much you mean to me. You’re one of the few friends/mentors that wasn’t afraid to break into the not so energetic or positive parts of my life. While I have so much fun with the playful, funny, kid-like Griga I also value my meaningful, insightful, deapthful conversations with Pieter. Thank you for always believing in me, for being one of my biggest fans before my first marathon, and for telling me in a real (not cheesy) way that I can go out and accomplish whatever I choose to do. Heres to you, Pieter!
  66. Meredith Blackmore- Senora! First off, I think you’re fantastic and I love you. Ever since you recommended spending time reflecting and practicing yoga in my graduation letter, I’ve done my best to do so. Training for an Ironman has been a long, intense process and I had no idea how much happiness and contentment could come from yoga. Thank you for helping to balance my non-stop tendancies with much needed rest and I will be picturing your beautiful, supportive smile during this mile!
  67. Kate Juenger Korchok- You were my first real mentor at Sycamore High School and I couldn’t be more grateful! It’s so unbelievably easy to relate to you as a teacher because you hold your students to adult standards and you treat them like they’ll be treated in the real world. I learned how to be a leader from watching you and I got to flex those muscles more and more as I progressed through my high school year. Thanks for always keeping tabs on me and for being there during times when I needed it the most!
  68. Chris K- I have told this story more to more students/mentees that I can count. When I was a sophomore I came to visit you after school to do our daily word of the day calendar but you could easily tell I was upset. I was near tears becuase I had recieved my first ever C on a test and I felt completely defeated. I remember you pulling me over to the computer and showing me the Tommy Boy scene where he got a D and he went through the halls yelling, “I passed! I passed!” haha You made me realize it was one grade, in one class that has a very small impact on the big picture that would be my high school career. I’ve taken that with me ever since- always do my best and don’t sweat the small things. That’s played true as I’ve been training for my Ironman. Sometimes I can’t get all of my workouts in and that’s okay as long as I’m doing the best I can do. I asked you to be my National Honors Society sponsor becuase I trust you, value your life lessons, and appreciate you as friend…all of that still holds true today. I hope life has been wonderful, I’d love to catch up soon!
  69. Linda Gartner + Deborah O’Rielley Stein- To start, I know your name is Deborah Stein now and that it has been for awhile (congratulations!!) but I don’t know what it means to call you anything other than O’Rielley haha My Junior High career wouldn’t have been nearly successful without you two. Chorale, SSC, High School Musical, 8th Grade Girls Choir…I am so lucky I had so many touchpoints to learn from you, to grow as a singer, and to develop friendships. Being a part of your choirs built my confidence, strengthened my leadership skills, and developed my character. I’ve always been more of an athlete than an artist but I never felt anything less than at home in your choir room, under your wings. As cheesy as it may sound, the last line that I sang with my peers under your instruction with tears in my eyes was, “You raise me up to more than I can be.” It was true when I auditioned in front of you both in the Greene School gymnasium as a nervous 6th grader and it’s still true today. Thank you, both!
  70. Jill Fanning- Normally it takes awhile to get used to a new school year and a new teacher but I instantly felt at home and confortable in your classroom. Middle school is a time where kids are figuring themselves out but I felt like I was safe to be 100% me. Not many people are still friends with their middle school teachers but I have so much appreciated how you’ve been there for me throughout my junior high and high school career and beyond. This has been a fun post college challenge and I know you’re always still cheering for me. Thank you!
  71. Dave Warner- I am extremely lucky that you were assigned to be my manager for my first role at P&G. Onboarding as a new hire at P&G is a tough task so I can only imagine how difficult it is to organize and execute the onboarding. Thank you for investing in me, pushing me to learn things the hard way sometimes, and for making the CMK Baby Care Team a fun place to work. We have turned out to be quite the duo- I hope I’m making you look good haha I started this Ironman journey shortly after joinging your team and you have been nothing but interested and supportive the entire time. You care about every workout, every competition, and every setback. I can’t tell you how much it meant to see you before my marathon, receive good luck/congrats texts for all of my weekend races, and to tell you about my latest challenges at work. If I had to list the top 5 people who have been the most supportive throughout this process, there’s not doubt you’d be on the list. You want this for me just as badly as I want it for myself and it makes all the difference. Thank you for everything, Dave!
  72. Katie Brogan Spinney- America’s Mom! I’m not sure I would have made it to the start line without you! Thank you for making sure that I take care of myself throughout this process, because we both know I don’t always do a fantastic job of doing that by myself. I have a blast working with you and I couldn’t be more thankful for cheering me along throughout this process.
  73. Sue Schneider- Sue, you are so much fun to work with! I love that you and you and that is that :) Thank you for inviting me to learn step, for telling me about all of your breathtaking bike rides/hikes, and for cheering me on as I’ve completed my athletic endeavors. I know that I can come to you on my best day or on my worst day and I’ll always get the kind, generous, funny Sue that I need. Thank you for all of it, Sue!
  74. Charlie Mertes- Charlie, our fearless, couragous leader! I couldn’t have started my career at P&G in a better role. I’m convinced. I love our team, our business, my workplan…all of it. Thank you for choosing me/taking me in as a new hire- when I tell people that my AD is Charlie Mertes I get nothing but positive comments. You are so respected throughout the organization and I am extremely grateful that I get to learn from you. Aside from being a fantastic mentor I also love that I get to be the first to laugh at your jokes and that sometimes I get to be present for the fantastically witty Charlie Mertes one-liners. Thank you for supporting me inside and outside of P&G!
  75. Natalee Floyd + Brian Floyd + Peanut- I know that you don’t understand why I would ever want to do this but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been one of my biggest fans throughout the entire process haha I am so lucky I found you as a friend so early in my career. I don’t know what I’d do without you- you pick out my outfits, serve as counsel to my love life, and help me through difficult projects. Not to mention, you were the by far the best stop during my first marathon. Personalized gatorade, a loud cheering crowd, AND a killer after party? What more could I have asked for?? Natalee, you are one of the most selfless, giving, generous people I know and it makes you an invaluble friend, wife, and soon-to-be mother. Thanks to you and Bri for always looking out for me, cheering for me, and for being incredible friends. Love you both!
  76. Chad + Leslie Brizendine- I instantly felt at home on the Chad/Mansi/Allie Luvs Team and it made starting my job at P&G that much more fulfilling. Ironman related or not, everytime I post something on Facebook/Instagram you are my first celebrator. Thank you for being such a big supporter of everything I do and for always asking if there’s anything you can do to help/assist. It’s always great knowing that I can always come to you first to celebrate ANYTHING Cincinnati related with me :) Thanks to you and your beautiful, hilarious, fantastic wife for being in my corner!
  77. Adam Riegle- Adam, you make everything more fun haha While you are fantastic at your job, you also have a great personality that energizes your teams. I have had blast working on your Pants and Luvs teams. Thanks for always making me feel like a valued member of the squad and for cheering me on as I’ve chased this goal outside of the office!
  78. Ryan Duane- RD, I miss you! I wish we would have gotten to work together more before you left to continue your education but I so appreciate the affirmation and mentorship you gave me before leaving. Whenever one of my big projects was deployed to the business you were always the first to shoot me a “You’re killing it!” email and it made all of the difference, especially in my first 6 months at P&G. Thank you for always listening, giving fantastic advice, and for always asking how my training was going. I can’t wait to come visit you in Chicago- I hope you and Anna are loving it!
  79. Jess Khourie- J-Khourie on the tracks! If I was allowed to complete this race with headphones, I would definitely be asking you for a playlist haha You bring such an awesome energy to our team inside and outside of the office. Whether you’re organizing a rave at that new club on Fountain Square or a family dinner at my house I know whatever you’re cooking up is going to be a blast! Thank you for including me in all of your adventures and know I’m always here to be a first follower. This mile is yours!
  80. Mansi + Dan Shah- When I was telling my friends how work was going in my first 6 months I would always say, “Oh, and Mansi…she’s like my big sister at P&G.” haha Thank you for welcoming me with open arms onto the Luvs team and for watching out for me as I tried to keep up with the veterans haha I have had a blast hanging out with you, Dan, Andy, and Katy and couldn’t be more grateful for all of the support you all have given me. It’s about time for another Fancy Baby Girls night haha Love you!
  81. Vanessa Galloza + Luis- Ahh Banessa!!! I couldn’t ask for a better teammate or friend on Team Pantalones! It has been such a blast getting to know and spend time with you and Luis. I love your energy, how easily you make projects fun, and how invested you were in getting to know me as a person and not just as a co-worker. I am looking forward to many more family dinners, dance parties, bar crawls, FBG nights, etc. Te amo!
  82. Joe Varchett0- Front row Joe! Just kidding haha I’m so happy you’ve filled the role of being the finance version of me- go team pantalones and amore! Life is more fun with you in the cube across from me. Thank you so much for being a “yes” friend. Races, dinners, lip sync battles, makeshift volleyball courts, real volleyball courts, coffee shop games, bar crawls, football games, etc. you’re a blast to be around. Thanks for cheering me on towards this goal and I’d love to see you and the team in Louisville. I’m looking forward to so many more adventures! You’re my boy, blue!
  83. Matt Hokes + Brittany Luli- Although you always tease me and tell me that you never want to hang out with me I know that’s your secret way of telling me I’m your best friend….I hope haha you just haven’t matured out of the “pulling a girls pigtails on the playground” phase yet, I understand :) In all seriousness though, I think you’re fantastic, Matt! I have a blast working and playing with you and I am glad you found a significant other that fits into the group just as well as you do. Brittany, you’re the star of every girls night and you’re so easy to be around and hang out with. I think you two are incredible and I deeply, deeply value your friendship. This mile is for you both, whether you want it or not, Matt :)
  84. Christi + Brian Geary- Christi, you have been the most fantastic mentor as I’ve started my career at P&G. We are pretty much the exact same person haha I’ve never met another person, especially a mentor, who has as much energy, drive, and need to fill their plate up as I do. It is incredibly helpful to hear the perspective of somebody who thinks and acts like I do but who has much more wisdom and experience, because you know exactly how I’m feeling and what I need to hear at that moment. Brian, you have also been fantastic as I’ve developed as a triathlete. Thank you for supporting me with your tips and with your gear haha I love the Geary family- your girls are INCREDIBLE and I would be honored to be a mentor if they ever need me. This mile is for you all!
  85. Travis Brock- It’s no coincidence that you’re mile 85- represent! Travis, thank you for taking me in when my CMK internship team outcast me from their pod into your pod. The R&D squad was better anyway haha I remember having all sorts of activities as an intern and when I came back you’d ask me how they went and most often I said “I won” or “My team and I won” haha so you started calling me champ and that’s what I’ve been ever since haha Just to let you know people have overheard you calling me that so now multiple people call me “champ” when they see me! I so appreciate how you’ve been such a cheerleader for me as I’ve started my career at P&G. This mile is for you and after I bust out this Ironman I look forward to taking you on on the basketball court again….or maybe I’ll just go ahead and play on your team, not against you haha Thanks Travis!
  86. Scott Tilford- Hey BAUS! You’re the reason I work at P&G. The Charmin internship is the best internship and I am so lucky I landed on your team. You’re a fantastic leader, mentor, and friend- I couldn’t not accept my offer after working for you. I know that you are just a call away whenever I need you, day or night, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that hotline. Thanks for trusting me, for leveraging my talents, and for learning from me just as I’ve learned from you. You always make me feel like a value add in your world and it gives me all of the motivation and energy I need to be my best me. I’d work for you again in a second. Thanks for supporting me throughout this journey, even though you think I’m crazy. I promise I’ll overdeliver on your mile! You’re the best, Scott!
  87. Jay Harmon- Love & Honor! Thank you for taking the time to mentor and lead the CMK interns- you made an impact on my class and have on the classes that have come since. I think you’re fantastic, Jay! You’re fun to be around, you’re a blast to work with, and I’m glad our paths have crossed more and more as I’ve also begun helping with our newer CMKers. Thanks for cheering me on and being a fellow loyal Redhawk!
  88. Elliot Kucharak- I couldn’t have asked for a better first mentee (even though you wouldn’t tell the CSW kids how great of a mentor I am) and I am SO EXCITED that you will be starting your career at P&G! Congratulations again on accepting your offer! Thank you so much for cheering me on as I tried to figure out how to become a triathlete this summer. This entire space was new to me and I greatly apprecaited your witty good luck texts and congrats on your finishes notes! You will be a fantastic new hire come June/July/whenever you start and please know that I’ll be the first to sign up to work with you on any project or to help wherever I can. Welcome to the best city on the planet, Elliott…you’re going to love it! haha
  89. Patrick Khattak- I knew our life-long friendship was solidified when you made me eat a boiled peanut in an SUV as we drove through Atlanta…gross! haha Patrick, you are so much fun to work with and to be around- I am extremely lucky our paths ended up crossing so much throughout my first years at P&G. Thank you for always stopping by to hear how work and training were going, for taking the time to mentor me, and for calling me out in your farewell note as being somebody able to help lead/build the future at P&G. I can’t wait to hear how life is in Seattle and you better let me know when you come back to Cincinnati to visit. You’re the best, Patrick! I’m going to knock this mile out Army strong!
  90. Tanya Trusty- It goes without saying that I had a blast working for you on the Charmin team and that I am so grateful our new roles ended up being so close to each other. Thank you so much for continuing to make the time to check in on me and cheer for me. It is so comforting knowing that I always have you in my corner to help with both work and non-work related endeavors. I think you are an incredible asset to P&G and I can’t wait to see how your career develops from here. Wherever our next roles take us I’m excited to continue our friendship and I promise, eventually I’ll have a boyfriend for you to vet haha Thanks Tanya!
  91. Brian Germ- I can’t name a single person who has a better personality than you, Bri haha it’s not even a competition. Your style and demeanor is one of a kind and I am so glad I got to hang out with you all summer. Thank you for cheering me on in all that I pursue and for asking clarifying questions in a fantastically blunt way. This mile is for you!
  92. Scott Mautz- Matuz, you make me feel like a champ! I was thrilled to find out that you moved from Family Care to Baby Care while I was finishing my senior year of college because it meant that I would automaticaly have a friend and a mentor I was comfortable with on day one of my first role. Your legacy work is incredible- thank you for taking the time to dig deeper into it with me as I strive to figure out how to leave my mark on Baby Care, P&G, and even more broadly on the world. I am so excited for your post P&G career and know that I plan to keep bothering you even though you won’t work inside the walls of Winton Hill anymore. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face, for being so much fun to work for, and for taking the time to invest in me despite your busy schedule. I apprecaite it all, Mautz- this one is for you!
  93. Tom MacVittie- T-Mac! I couldn’t be more grateful to have you as a mentor as I start my career at P&G. I completely admire your competitive nature, go get it attituide, and coaching ability. We both love being athletes and the world of sports so it’s refreshing to see somebody who brings that same mentality to work everyday. CPG all the sudden becomes interesting when you look at it like a game or a race- there’s strategy, there’s a need for hard work and discipline, and there’s winning. Thanks for always pumping me up and for being a big fan- it means a LOT to me!
  94. Kristin Guerra- You are a super strong, super smart rockstar and I have enjoyed and valued every conversaton we’ve had when I randomly crash your pod haha I admire how you juggle being a talented Band 3 with being an incredible mom/wife with being a fierce athlete with being a caring friend. You have so many hats and you wear them so well. I hope to be able to take a page out of your book when I hit those milestones. Thanks for being so supportive as I’ve worked towards this goal- it makes me feel stronger knowing that I have you in my corner. Thank you, Kristin!
  95. Michael Lancor- I am glad our paths have crossed so many times through my CSW, Internship, and now New Hire processes. I greatly appreciate your mentorship on my projects and I enjoy all of our catch up lunches/coffees. Thanks for keeping a pulse on my training and athletic endeavors- you always ask me with a chuckle what crazy distance I’ve trained at lately and it’s fun to let you know what I’ve been up to. Thanks for cheering me on- this one is for you!
  96. Jacquie Tye- I am so glad I found a fellow fiery redhead I can relate to and learn from at P&G haha Thank you so much for taking me under your wing and for being such a fantastic mentor. I know your schedule is always crazy, so it means so much to me that I’m able to stop by or drop a note when I need you. Thank you so much for being such a cheerleader as I’ve pursued this goal. I had a BLAST with you at warrior training at your gym and I apprecaite every word of encouragement shot my way on Facebook. I promise to complete this mile with some serious style and had core strength. This one is for you!
  97. Jon Allen- I was at SXSW with the Luvs team when the Heart Mini was run in Cincinnati- I was so bummed out not because I would be missing a race to prepare for my first marathon but because I wanted to be a part of Team Huddy! I love watching your family do life on Facebook. Thank you so much for being such a big advocate of mine as I started my career here at P&G. It meant so much to me how you celebrated my projects/deployments and how you never hesitated to sit down and review work when I needed help. Thanks for being a fantastic leader and friend. This one is for you and the Allen family!
  98. Allegra Pedretti- All 4 One and One 4 All! My beautiful, wonderful, talented, fantastic, loving mentor! This match was truely made in heaven :) I can’t tell you how much every single one of our adventures means to me. Our ability to win every single challenge placed in front of us during my internship, the trip to LA where we welcomed Baymax into the family, Easter at your parents house where your dad gave me two frisbees…all of them! haha Thank you for being my biggest fan and for helping me navigate through my internship and through life. I hope that you are loving life on the west coast- we need to set up a Skype soon to chat so I can hear all about it! Love you, Allegra!
  99. Matthew Poveromo- When I started on the Luvs team Chad and Mansi always called you my other half becuase I was the baby on my team and you’re the baby on your team haha It took us awhile for our travel schedules to FINALLY align but I am so glad that they did! You are such a fantastic person, Povs- I specifially remember when you took the time to send me an email on my birthday and I had NO IDEA that it was your birthday too haha (we’ll definitely celebrate together this year). Thanks for always checking in on my training, for celebrating my wins, for running against me on Nike + for a little while, and for being such a wonderful friend. Here’s to you!
  100. Jordann Clark- What started as a supplier relationship turned into a fantastic friendship! I have had a blast working with you over the last year but moreso I’ve loved getting to know you in that time. I have so appreciated you cheering me on throughout this entire adventure and for being someone who is a blast to catch up with. Thanks for all of your support- this mile is for you!
  101. Jamie Daigle + Walter Doyle- Ahhh do I miss you both! Jamie, I am so glad we got to be Luvs family members before you moved on to a new, exciting opportunity. With each trip or research session I valued your friendship more and more and have had a blast working with you. Walt, although our frienship is newer I knew it was real when you pulled me up off a bar floor without anyone noticing I had even slipped hahaha I think you both are incredible people. I am inspried and motivated by the impact you’ve made on student’s lives through Kids N Culture. You’re changing lives and I couldn’t be more proud of both. As you alrady know, I am ALWAYS here to help if you need me. This mile is for you two. For all of your incredible work, for your love for each other, and for our friendship which I deeply value. Thank you!
  102. 50 West Cycling (Dave)- During this 9 month journey I think one of the most anxious parts was purchasing a bicycle. I knew I needed something relatively “legit” if I was going to complete an Ironman but I had no idea where to start. I knew nothing about roadbikes and had never clipped into pedals before in my entire life. Needless to say I was extremely nervous making such a big purchase decision. I visited 5+ shops, read countless articles, and got measured mutlitple times by multiple specalists but the only group of people who made me feel comfortable was the 50 West family. You walked me through the process in a way where I could understand it and now I am so ridiculously proud of my bicycle. I hope it’s been fun watching me go from petrified to ride my bike to now loving every minute of my rides becuase you’re a huge part of that shift. I will do well on this Louisville bike course becuase of you all. Thanks for all of the pre-race tune ups- I know my bike doesn’t really always need them but I trust your one last look so much that it makes me feel so much more race ready. It’s been great season and I look forward to closing strong here and spending many more seasons with you all!
  103. Sycamore Schools- I will always be a proud Aviator. I could write a book about the impact that Symmes, Green, the Junior High, and the High School have had on my life. During my time at Sycamore I had teachers that challenged me, friends that invested in me, coaches that made me strong, mentors that shaped the person I grew up to be, and administrators who taught me how to become a great leader. I was given the opportunity to take ownership of my education and devleopment but I was never lacking the resources or the people who made the journey successful. Every leadership position, relationship with a teacher, sport I participated in, and friendship I built helped me understand what it means to be a part of the Sycamore family and how to be successful post my graduation. I am who I am today because of the foundation that was set here. This mile is for my Sycamore family…GO AVES!
  104. Miami University- I couldn’t have asked for a better four years…I wouldn’t change a single thing. I instantly felt at home within the Farmer School of Business. The professors, classes, students, study abroad opportunities, student organizations, etc. were all far more impressive than I ever could have imagined. I found a family within Farmer that will last a lifetime. Miami was the perfect place to explore and build and fail and develop relationships. It set the foundation for every bit of success I’ve experienced out here in the real world. I could go on for days about all of the programs and people that changed my life but it’d have to write a book. Love & Honor…for forever!
  105. United States Military- This mile is for the men and woman who serve our county. You exhibit far more courage, strength, and discipline that I could ever strive to develop and I am so grateful that you have dedicated your lives to keeping our country safe. I also want to give a special thanks to all of my friends and family who have served- I am so ridiculously proud of your accomplishments and I am honored that I get to call you my friends. While a mile is far less than you deserve, I will execute 105 with everything I have inside of me!
  106. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital- This hospital and the patients inside of it have changed my life. I started voluenteering 1 year ago and while many would think I hang out with sick kids evey Monday, I really hang out with brave fighters who are far stronger than I am. Each patient has a different background, a different challenge, and a different outlook. All I have to do is meet them where they are, and they shine for me. Thanks to all of the kids who have taught me how to be brave, how to fight even when I’m tired, and who have told me that they think 140.6 miles is far way but that they think I can probably do it haha
  107. House of Run N Tri (Joe + Lori)- I joined the House of Run N Tri Running group shortly after moving back to Cincinnati and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Without Joe & Lori I would not have had such a fantastic time becoming a 4-way with extra cheese finisher during the Flying Pig Marathon weekend. Each Saturday workout made me faster, stronger, and more prepared to tackle the tough Cincinnati course. Prior to training with this family, I had never once even come close to placing in my age group so it was an incredible experience hearing my fellow teammates cheer for me as my name was called as the winner of the Quo Vadis 10k- and we even ran a 3 mile warm-up before that race! I know that I have been MIA during the second half of the season to prepare for this Ironman but I will be back for another round of training. Thanks Lori & Joe, you made all the difference!
  108. Cincy Tri Club (Chris + Justin)- Meredith led me to the Cincinnati Tri Club and I couldn’t be more thankful that she did. I have been a triathelte for all of 9 months now, which is not a terribly long time before trying to tackle an Ironman, so it goes without saying how invaluable this community has been to my development within the sport. Most importantly though, Justin and Chris, you made me feel like a part of the family. I started running races after my ACL tear in February of 2015 and almost all of them I ran solo (nobody to run with and nobody there to cheer for me). As I began my triathlon career my group got a little bigger but not much. It wasn’t until the Mason Tri-umphant this year that I knew what I felt like to have an entire triathlon family cheering for me. I wear that Cincy Tri Club race tank with pride, Chris, and Justin I promise to do my best to run the marathon that follows this bike faster than you could in sandals. Here to make the club proud in my first Ironman!
  109. Foundation Bank Family (Jen)- You all were proud of me before I did anything impressive! haha You have watched me grow up from being an eager little high schooler to an abitious college student to an adult trying to figure out my way. Thank you for welcoming me into the family, and all of my cousins to follow, for always celebrating my wins with me, and for loving me regardless of what I do or don’t accomplish. This one is you!
  110. Cincinnati Reds + Bengals (Andy)- I am a fiercely loyal Cincinnati sports fan and that will never change. In my first races as a triathlete all I wore was Bengals and Reds gear and it made all the difference when somebody in the crowd would yell, “Go Reds!” or “Who Dey!” at me. How could I not push harder?? I grew up cheering for these teams and it has been a blast! To start with the Reds, I somehow find a way to get into your ballpark 15+ times a season to cheer for you and I religiously montior the scores when I can’t attend in person. I know we’re in a growing phase right now but I believe in our ball club, I cherish the Great American Ballpark experince, and some of my best memories were made in that stadium. As for the Benglas, I recently almost lost my mind when I got to meet Marvin Lewis and play on the field during our P&G Baby Care End of the Year Celebration. I have no doubt that we’re going to have a great season- let’s get it done! I have to call out my fellow red-headed, team leader Andy Dalton. I think you are absolutely fantastic on and off the field. I’ve believed in you from the start, I am extremely proud of the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation, and I love what you’ve done for the Cincinnati community. I joke all the time with my friends/co-workers that if I could meet anyone I’d choose to meet you because we both love sports/football, investing in kids, giving back to the Cincinnati community, and of course we both have red hair- how could we not be best friends? This mile is for you, Andy, and for the two teams I’ve spent 23 years cheering for. Thanks to all of the players for showing me what Cincy strength looks like- I’ll make you proud!
  111. Grzegorzewski Family- I can’t tell you how much I appreciate feeling like a part of the Grzegorzewski family. Morgan & Lindsay, you are the fantastic little sisters that I never had. I loved playing polo with you both and have enjoyed watching you two rock your college careers ever since.I am always here if you need me and I will continue to cheer for you both from the sidelines as you continue to succeed. Alex, you’re ridiculous but I love the personality haha I hope you are having a blast down south! Mr. G, you’re the best! I was shocked when I ran into you at the 21 mile prep run for the Flying Pig and you said, “Eh I just woke up and decided I’d run 20 miles…maybe I’ll run the pig in a couple of weeks.” What?? Who does that? You’re a champ! Thank you so much for watching out for me like any fantastic father figure would. Whether you’re promising not to leave my side during the beer mile or getting midnight pizza with us, I know I’m being looked out for. The only time I’ve not been so happy with you when when you secretely filled that beer pitcher with tequila at Brothers and then Aaron somehow forgot to mention it wasn’t beer before I took a big gulp…not cool haha Mama G, I love you! I saw you when I needed you the most during my first marathon but you’re always there when I need you the most. Thank you for cheering for me, for always being an open ear when I need it, and for making me feel like a part of the family. I care about Aaron so much and he’s so great because you all made him great. Love you, Gs!
  112. Aaron Grzegorzewski- Your mile is the last mile of my bike ride. I’m probably going to be tired, I’ll definitely be a little bit sore, and what has proved to be the most difficult part in every triathlon I’ve completed in prepartion for this day is the transition off the bike and into the run. I put you where I need you the most. Aaron, we’ve been friends now for 12 years and I’ve valued every step of the journey. I remember wondering what was going to happen when we separated to go to college but our relationship only got stronger and has proved to continue on the trend as you’ve embarked on your military career. I am so proud of the man that you have become. Your discipline, commitment, perserverence, intellect, and strength are just a few of the qualities I admire about you but they don’t come at the expense of your fun-loving personaily, ability to show vulnerability (which is tough), and your choice to trust me. I am the best version of myself when I am with you (the good and the bad) because you don’t hesitate to challenge me and you care about me unconditionally. I miss you all of the time and I know there’s no doubt you’d be waiting for me at the finish line if you could. I always smile when I think about you yelling at/for me from the sidelines- you don’t just celebrate me in my athletic pursuits but in all of my pursuits and with much more intensity than anyone else. You’re an irreplacable part of my life and I look forward to many, many more years of adventures together. Finishing strong for you, Aaron!


  1. Meredith Brown Clutsam- It doesn’t have to be fast, it just needs to be forward. Otherwise known as right foot, left foot, right foot, left, repeat. This will be the most diffcult mile out of the 140.6 so it’s fitting that it’s yours.You have been such a valuable mentor through this entire process. I had no idea what I was doing when I started this journey but you helped me through teaching me, coaching me, and supporting me. I am so glad our friendship as developed so wonderfully within the sport of triathlon, at work, and in life. You are an incredible female role model and I hope to make you proud as I follow in your footsteps to earn my Ironman title. Who knows what I’ll choose to chase after October 9th but I can tell you that I am so excited to continue our bike rides, runs, swims, and workouts. I couldn’t be more excited that you’re going to be in Louisville with me on race day! I’m not sure if I could do it without you :) Love you, Meredith!
  2. Justin Masterson + Haley Vining- I’m going to start tearing up writing your mile dedication. Justin, you have become such an invaluable asset in my life. I love every moment I spend with you- running, arcade trips, Reds games, races, bike rides, dinners…all of it. You hear me in a way that nobody else does and you ask the difficult questions. I feel like since I’ve met you, I’ve developed a better understanding of who I am as not just an athlete but as a person. Thank you for helping me celebrate the “now” and for showing me that my value isn’t the sum of my accomplishments but rather is a reflection of the person I am. As you said, “It’s all okay, it always was.” I am so extraordinarily happy you found your other half in Haley. Haley, I have so enjoyed becoming your friend. You’re kind and fun and artistic and creative! I can’t wait for the many more adventures we have ahead of us. Thank you both for being such a fantastic support system and I could not be more excited to see you in Louisville!
  3. Bayla Masterson- Bayla Masterson, you are a superstar! I am so impressed by all of your talents and I love your adventurous “let’s try new things” approach to life. I know you’re going to grow up to acheive unbelievable things. Don’t ever forget how strong you are, how important it is to be yourself, and how much your friends and family love you. I am always here to be a big sister figure or a mentor or a friend. Keep up the awesome work, girl!
  4. Jordan + Mykala Waldron- J-Wal on the tracks! We need to start running together again becuase I miss our long trail runs and catching up over exercise. Fall is coming- perfect running weather! I wouldn’t have wanted to move through the P&G pipeline with anybody but you. It’s been a long road but I am so glad we’ve found a home here together. Thanks for supporting me throughout this pursuit and I am looking forward to our continued adventures in Cincinnati together. I am also so glad the start of our full-time journey included Mykala! While I miss her big time, I’m glad she still pops in and out. Her support has been appreciated as well! Thanks Waldron sisters!
  5. Megan Wells- Hey dude! I know I’m not a very present roommate but I apprecaite your patience and support as I’ve tackled this process. You’ve asked about each bike ride, each race, and each milestone. I hope you’ve enjoyed the view (with the exception of that one time I was on my bedroom floor dying…that probably wasn’t very fun)! Thanks for looking out for me and for always cheering me on to be my best!
  6. Jennie + Chris Sanchez- The odds of us landing on the same team at this giant company were so extremely small, yet here we are and I am so glad! From age, well 0, you’ve always served as a bigger sister and it has been so helpful navigating our family dynamic with someone who thinks and acts like I do. Thank you for always having an open door and for helping me work through things that aren’t always easy to understand. I love you very, very much! I am also so glad you found Chris- what a perfect addition to our family! Chris, thanks for making my cousin happier than ever and for being the most fun, energetic “brother-in-law”. I am so excited about our combined family and all of the trips/adventures we have ahead of us. Thanks for being so supportive and for using your loud and energetic cheerleading capabilities to pump me up- I greatly appreciate the motivation! I would love to see you both in Louisville if you’re free. Love you!
  7. Landon + Lylah Sanchez- Landon & Lylah, I am so glad we’re family members now! I think you both are incredible. Landon, I am so proud of how hard you’ve been working to be a great soccer player and Lylah, your dancing and cheerleading is fantastic. I can’t wait to see how your interests and talents develop as you both get older. Keep working hard, dedicating energy to what you’re passionate about, and believing in yourselves because we believe in you. This mile is for you two!
  8. Kathy + Dave Klein- Thank you both for being so supportive throughout this entire journey- I very much appreciate all of your comments and notes that come with each race related Facebook post. I’m excited to knock this last race of the season out- this closing mile is for you two!
  9. The Karlson Family- It was so great seeing you all lately for Jennie’s wedding! Thank you all for the supportive comments as I’ve moved closer and closer to race day. Jane, you’re a champ. Keep killing it during all of your competitions. John, I can’t wait to visit Chitown to see you soon. Jamie, we need to get that rap album out ASAP! Thanks Bev and Bruce for always believing in me and for being there whenever I need you both!
  10. Johnny Jones- You have watched me grow up over the years and I am so glad you and Dad have remained such tight friends throughout the process. I love coming to visit you in Kentucky- your southern charm and fantastic personality make each visit an absolute adventure. Thank you for being a fan and for never hesitating to extend a helping hand!
  11. Terry + John Kropp- I love you both SO much! In your barn I learned discipline, work ethic, perserverence, and how to not take myself too seriously. Your family of people and animals is one that is so near and dear to my heart and I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me into crew. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve stopped by but I’d love to visit soon to hear about your recent adventures and to see my four-legged friends. This mile is for you two- I plan to get it done like the champion you trained me to be!
  12. Colin + Andrea McManus- I promise that I will not dog this mile haha thank you so much for all of your support as I’ve chased this goal. I had a blast visiting in NYC- the workout was excellent, it was so much fun seeing your home, and I loved catching up. I am so excited you both are loving life and congratulations on all of your recent races, Colin! I can’t wait for our next reunion but until then, thanks for cheering me on to the finish!
  13. The Engelhart/Zink Family- My big, loud, energetic family! I am so appreciateive all of your notes, texts, posts, etc. as I’ve pushed towards this race day. John, you were where I needed you the most on that Flying Pig course. You kept saying, “Allie you are so strong!” haha and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Ame & Jared, thanks for being my Turkey Trot partners- it was a fun race! You all have shaped who I’ve grown up to be- aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This one is for you all!
  14. Paul Engelhart (MM)- I wish I would have more time with you- I would have learned so much. You are such a big part of my 25 hours. I do my best to work hard, act with integrity, and hold myself to the Engelhart standard of excellence. Thanks for setting my foundation and I hope I’m making you proud!
  15. Jean Engelhart- In all of your letters to me you celebrate my kindness, leadership, and generosity…I learned all of those things from you. Thank you for our big, wonderful family and for loving all of us unconditionally. This mile is for you!
  16. Paula Engelhart (MM)- I live life to the fullest and I say yes to all of the new adventures becuase you taught me to do that. You brought an overwhelming amount of energy into every room and you were the first aunt we’d ask to do anything becuase we knew the answer would be, “Yeah, lets try that!” Thanks for acting like one of the kids but for teaching/guiding us like one of the adults. We miss you!
  17. Joe Engelhart- Dad, you’ve been my biggest fan/supporter since before I can remember. You helped me bring so many opportunties to life and each one has shaped me into the person I am today. Thanks for teaching me how to be strong and independent and for encouaging me to let life come to me…and that’s how I’m going to get through this race. Let each mile come to me and to enjoy the journey.
  18. Kim Engelhart (MM)- With much hesitation, this mile is for my mom. While our relatonship didn’t always make sense to me and while you weren’t always capable of showing love, I know deep down you’ve always cared about me. Here’s to you, mom!
  19. Melissa Engelhart- I deeply appreciate how much you’ve supported me throughout this journey despite the ridiculous amount of things you have on your plate. After ever race, big training session, etc. I can always expect a “How’d it go?!” from you. Thanks for being such a great mom to our big, odd family and for supporting all of us in whatever we choose to do!
  20. Becky + Ian Wright- I love you big sister! I hope that you are still having a blast on your global adventure! I am so glad you invited me to come to Australia. Not only did I appreciate the workouts (and earning my 5k PR!) but I appreciated the adventure. The food, the trips, the sights…all of it. You two are a blast to travel with and I learned so much about how to explore the world. Thank you both for all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me as I’ve chased this goal. It takes a lot to be present here from so far away but I feel your love and support daily. I am going to do my absolute best to make you both proud and I know you’d be at my finish line if you could be :)
  21. Megan Macejko + Quenton Brinkman- When I tell people about my big sister and her fiance all I have to say is that they’re totally badass haha Thank you so much for taking me under your wing and for showing me the ropes in the weight room. Not going to lie, at first I was intimidated but you both made me feel like I was strong and capapble and you explained things in a ways that was easy to understand…I’ve lifted with many, many people and I’ve never felt as comfortable as I did with you both. Megan, for awhile I chased your goals. The marathon, my tough mudder. It was fun striving to be just like you and I’ve done my best to channel that same intensity and dedication to this race. Thanks to you and Quenton for always making me feel strong, valued, loved, and safe. I love you both!
  22. Hannah Hermes- Hannah Banana, you impress me more and more every single day. I am so proud of how well you do in both school and in sports…keep working hard! It’s fun watching you say yes to all different types of experineces, as you get older you’ll start to gravitate towards the activities and subjects that make you feel the most like you. Follow your gut and invest time and energy into those spaces. I am always here if you need me and will always be here cheering for you. If I’m setting any example here, it’s that even the big, scary things can be conqured if you believe you can do it and if you have the people behind you to support you when all of it is too much to carry by yourself. This mile is for you, you rockstar!
  23. JD Macejko + Sam McCormick- Big brother! When our family first came together you were so quiet. You had your own agenda and while I thought you were great, I was also nervous trying to not bother you while also trying to get to know you haha It didn’t take long for me to realize that you always have my back and my best interest at heart. Whenever I needed help or got stuck you dropped what your doing and came to my rescue and it means the world to me. I’m so glad you found Sam! Thank you both for always cheering me on and for encouraging me to acheive this goal :) I’ll miss you both on race day!
  24. Max Engelhart- My little bro. I am so glad you are finally a Redhawk and are thriving at Miami. It would be easy to dedicate this mile to the little bro I knew, loved, and supported. The great grades, captain of the football team, weight room record setting, super loving, great set of friends bro of mine. While I am still proud of that brother, I am running this mile for the man you’re slowly becoming. You’ve conqured tough obstacles in the last couple of years and you’re emerging out of the other side of the tunnel a stronger and more capable person…you just have to believe that! I am so excited to see all that you accomplish and I will be on the sidelines supporting you every step of the way. I can’t wait to see you in Louisville on my sidelines. Love you, little bro!
  25. Cayden Richter- Captain Cayden Richter! I hope you are delivering the mail on time, sir :) You’re the 139th mile of a 140 mile race becuase by this time I will have been through who knows what. I’m going to be tired and sore and probably running on close to empty but I am going to be so freaking proud of myself….just like I am proud of you. The journey you’ve been on since graduating high school has been nothing short of incredible. You’ve matured, learned, trusted, perserved, and have become a strong, talented man I’m honored to call my little brother. What means the most to me though is that you haven’t lost sight of who you are throughout this journey. You’re still the smiley, histarical, loving guy you’ve always been, which is hard to maintain in your line of work. I hope you know how much I love you and I would have given anything to see you on the sidelines at race day. It just means I need double, triple, quadruple hugs the next time I see you. Thank you, Cayden, for always loving and inspiring me!
  26. Myself- I started this and I’m going to finish this. While I couldn’t have gotten to this point without the help of everybody listed above, I am proud of myself for giving this process everything I had. It wasn’t easy and I wasn’t perfect but I have valued every step of the way. Time to cross the finish line!
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