Time waits for no one.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post here. I have a number of articles in the pipeline and I need to get them out.

Look back on the year I’ve been spending a lot of time working on blockchain stuff:
* Two COALA blockchain workshops, one in NYC and one in Nairobi.
* Spoke at a MIT DCI workshop for People of Color and Minorities
* Participated in the W3C blockchain Workshop
* I am an active participant in the Casper Community.
* Day job at Monax
* I’ve started a consultancy that focuses on security and blockchain (public/private) interoperability (http://vulcanize.io)
* Designed a number of systems, Decentralized Exchange, Fiat Backed Tokens, etc etc

Looking forward, here are some things I’m planning:
* Some really cool systems I can’t really talk about.
* Attending more workshops and conferences.
* Complete and publish my article on all the incentive misalignments required to make “TheDAO Hard Fork” and ETC a thing.
* Publication of The Wager Interdependence Problem. (Which I think will ultimately be a property of public blockchains that greatly limit the promise of systems like Ethereum. )

I’m trying to become more of a writer, so expect to see more shorter pieces here in the future.