We’re making history with Hillary

Marguerite Ruff, right, with fellow Philadelphia Federation of Teachers volunteer Grace Palladino at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

by Marguerite Ruff

When Randi Weingarten spoke on the first day of the DNC, I was in awe. I have heard of her but never heard her speak. She was like a “Lil Firecracker” — I think that will be my nickname for her whenever I hear her name now. The main thing Randi spoke on was Hillary wanting to change education policies and how all it has been is TESTING, TESTING and more TESTING.

I was like, “Get out of my head,” because I tell people all the time that every time you turn around, they’re giving a test. They’re not giving us time to get to know our children’s strengths and weaknesses. We tried all the testing, it didn’t work, so we need to move on; it should not have gone on this long.

Hillary wants to focus on students’ creativity and critical thinking… YES… Change.

I didn’t get to see and hear much of the second day, but I saw a lot of the third day. On both days, there were speakers on gun violence, which is important to me because in December 2015 my son Justin was murdered. Practically every speaker on that issue had me sobbing even more, but I know there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is Hillary Clinton. My new hashtag for my boy is #JUSTICEforJUSTIN.

We’re making history and making a difference in helping bring together our nation.

Seeing people that I admire and look up to and envy — i.e., Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and countless entertainers — up close and personal, and getting to meet other volunteers and guests from across the nation, it filled my heart with great joy and love in knowing that I was a part of something so great and powerful. We’re making history and making a difference in helping bring together our nation.

The video they had before Hillary spoke showed her human side. Then when she spoke, most things she talked about were near and dear to my heart. She exuded love, compassion and humility for people, and giving of herself to make a change and help impact lives, not for fanfare during election, but throughout her life.

When Hillary spoke it was powerful, genuine and she was funny, too. You need to have a sense of humor. When she speaks it is never I, I, I but we, “Together WE Are Stronger.” Many years ago, Hillary said, “It takes a village to raise a family.” That is so, so, so true. I have said it so much I was starting to believe I came up with it until recently because I forgot Hillary started saying it before me.

Hillary has a heart, and she has compassion and wisdom.

Hillary has a heart, and she has compassion and wisdom. This nation needs someone who loves them and will protect them and wants them to succeed and not be burdened down, but given every opportunity to achieve.

I am so excited, honored and thankful to be a part of Hillary’s campaign. I will continue working and letting everyone I meet know who I am for and why.

Marguerite Ruff is a special education classroom assistant at John Marshall Elementary School in Philadelphia and a Philadelphia Federation of Teachers member. She served as a volunteer during the recent Democratic National Convention on the “visibility team” that was responsible for many of the great signs delegates waved on the floor. She previously wrote about Hillary Clinton’s support of efforts to reduce gun violence.

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