Welcome to Voice of the Electorate

THANKS for being curious about V.O.T.E. We’re on the web at www.VoiceOfTheElectorate.net and on FB at www.facebook.com/VoiceOfTheElectorate.

We hope that V.O.T.E. will become the platform that rapidly and efficiently communicates the will of voters to elected officials, helping to make our democracy more participatory and responsive.

To make this work, we have to ask the right questions, remain non-partisan and fair, and earn the trust of our community and the broader public. In these hyper-polarized times, this isn’t an easy task, and we know we won’t always get it right. But you deserve to know how we are making our editorial decisions and what are our guiding principles are:

  • Prefer substantive policy questions over political theater
  • But also be topical. Talk about the issues people are talking about
  • Work hard to be non-partisan, on any given question and especially over time
  • Be plain spoken
  • Beware of the bias, or perceived bias, that is often baked into political topics. Ask how our questions may fit into partisan narratives and framings. Ask whether the question helps further an important topic, or stays on the surface

We run a lightweight process each day to pick the general topic for the day, frame our question, then review it, agonize over it, and run it by people of different political leanings.

We would love your feedback on how we’re doing, and we’re looking for people of all political stripes to help us with editorial issues (and other stuff too!). Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Diverse group of people, in particular politically
  • People who are open-minded and enjoy going back and forth with folks they may disagree with (but in a practical way, not the soapbox way)
  • No trolls, no shouting
  • People willing to deal with the messiness and tensions of our daily grind: being precise and accurate, but on a tight word count, being fair but keeping things punchy, being plain spoken but avoiding words that carry strong partisan baggage

We’re still fleshing out our daily routines, but hashing out editorial issues will mostly happen on Slack (with some email and SMS). We try to set our agenda for the day between 8–9am Pacific time.

Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved! You can mail us at info at VoiceOfTheElectorate.net.