Trump — Russia Ties & Investigations

The first 100 days of President Donald Trump’s administration have been dominated by alleged ties between people close to him and the Russian government.

This week, the Washington Post added another wrinkle when it reported the FBI obtained a warrant from a U.S. court to monitor Trump associate Carter Page’s connections with Russia. Trump’s former campaign chairman is also now registering as a foreign agent for work he’s done on behalf of a pro-Russia group in Ukraine.

Trump and his fellow Republicans have pushed back. Not only are the allegations of ties between him and Russia are false, they’ve maintained, the real story is the role Obama officials played in investigating the issue in the first place. Fox News reported Thursday that House and Senate intelligence investigations are expanding their look into former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s attempts to unmask the identities of Trump associates named in classified documents.

  • Stepping back, The Economist provided a clear-eyed summary and explanation of everything that’s happened in the Trump-Russia saga since the election, paying special attention to the House, Senate and FBI investigations into the matter. “Charges of collusion over an inquiry into collusion, probes and counterprobes: the swirl of hearings and allegations stemming from Russian meddling in the presidential election is becoming wearyingly hard to follow,” the magazine wrote.
  • Bloomberg provided its own explainer on the saga, broken into an FAQ format, for anyone with ongoing questions over where the investigations, allegations and counter-allegations stand.
  • In a commentary for the American Conservative, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi argued that as more details come out, the investigation into Trump and Russia could increasingly become into the Obama administration’s attempts to find a connection between Trump and Russia.
  • In the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof argued the drip of information on Trump and Russia has convinced him “there’s a smell of treason in the air.”

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