POKER ONLINE : Turning $0 into $1000

A Brief Background: August 26th, 2016 (11:03 AM EST)

I started playing poker when I was 12 years old at my grandmother’s house in Las Vegas. My father was raised there and though he taught me the basics of the game, he embodied the anti-gambler persona. In 1961, when he was just 15 years old, he took a valet job at a casino on the strip and witnessed first hand the tragic demise of the gambler. I remember him saying to me “…I saw well-to-do men drive up in a nice car and leave in rags.” So when I started taking poker more seriously in college, it came as no surprise that my father threatened to stop paying for college if I continued to play…so I stopped. I’m glad I did because I was young and stupid. I had a $6,000 bankroll that I had built from $200 but chances are I would have lost it due to erratic play and poor bankroll management.

My Kitties

Over the past ten years, save a few house games and casino visits, I had by-and-large left the game of poker. I have a full-time job, a growing music career, and I live with the woman of my dreams and two amazing kitties….

My Woman

I’m not in a position to risk assets, nor do I want to, but I still love the game of poker. After extensive research, and some play money warm-ups I have decided to get back into to it by issuing myself the lowest possible risk challenge: The following is my attempt to take $0 and turn it into $1000 playing online poker…………….

When I started researching online poker sites, I came across a lot of news articles regarding the renewed legislation of online poker. States are slowly starting to legalize or at least “decriminalize” the online poker market referencing it’s potential lucrativeness and desire to stave public outcry. Legislation against large entities such as FullTiltPoker and PokerStars in the late naughts and early ’10s put the kabash on online poker in the U.S. Those days seem to be over as more states continue to push bills to the Senate legalizing online poker in their jurisdiction. I now feel confident that I can play and the federal government won’t seize my poker bankroll and all the time I put in attempting this challenge.

I selected America’s Cardroom to play on because they seem to be the most reputable in the poker world for U.S. Players and have a good consistent stream of freeroll tournaments and micro stakes table games to get my bankroll off the ground. Below is my account info….note the current $0 balance and the absence of any deposits:

Ok…..let’s do this!…….

Freeroll Tournament #1: August 26th, 2016 (3:29 PM EST)

There‘s really only one way for a new player to make real money without investing a penny in online poker and that is by playing in freeroll tournaments. Freeroll tourneys are exactly what they sound like, they’re free. They normally feature a large number of entrants vying for a small payout to a limited finalist pool. My first entry was to a $10 freeroll with 522 entrants paying out the top 10 finishers with first place getting a grand prize of $2.50. Not much I know but for someone who’s just trying to score the ability to play in cash games that’s a lot of money!

My first freeroll attempt was bittersweet. I decided to play tight “A-B-C Poker” as if I had thousands of dollars at stake. My goal in these tournaments is to SURVIVE. No huge risks, no big plays, just a lot of folding and position low-risk moves. This strategy got me very deep into the tournament but without good hands and a bad beat at the end (my opponent hit his 3-outer with his K-J vs. my A-K)…I finished in a heart-crushing 14th Place just 4 places out of the money. I’m was a little disappointed about finishing out of the money but inspired that on my first attempt I could come so close….

I won’t be posting every single time I play but I will be keeping a log of statistics and important moments as I proceed. Thanks for reading!

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