Does Positive Leadership Have an Awareness Problem?

Remaining positive as a leader is a critical component of maintaining your culture. This is not in doubt. What then, is the fine line we must walk to both remain positive while also still being able to be vulnerable enough to admit that there are issues we need to work on?

In my personal experience, an unending focus on the positive leads to an altered view of reality and an inability to make necessary changes in a timely manner. Perhaps you have a similar experience.

So as I continue to study the certain benefits of positive leadership, my question became whether or not the problems I experience with such an approach were intrinsic to all forms of positive leadership approaches or were situationally specific.

Based on the fact that we know that trust is falling in leadership across all industries, governments, etc., there has never been a more important time to be outspoken and vulnerable when it comes to deficiencies and mistakes we as leaders make.

“a distrustful environment leads to expensive and sometimes terminal problems”

Covering up our own shortcomings and then asking people to trust that we know what is going on and are handling it behind closed doors is a recipe for mass attrition and disengagement.

We must not allow our focus on positivity to replace our awareness of being vulnerable and honest publicly. Authentic leadership that builds high trust among teams remains elusive unless we are willing to do the opposite of what comes naturally.