Avatar genie pro | The Best Solution for Creating Avatar Personal Branding

Avatar Genie Pro review

Welcome you to my Avatar Genie Pro review!

I would like to introduce Avatar Genie Pro software can change your online appearance to a professional level.

The Best Solution for Creating Avatar Personal Branding

The modern world has forced people to focus on innovating their businesses especially their brands via the Internet. And avatars are among the things that make a contribution to a company’s brand.

As far as we have known, our brains are easily attracted by images. There are so many studies that have ended up with a conclusion that people are able to memorize things better when a picture or an image appears in front of them. And this result also claims that visual impact creates 97% of human memory. That is why a lot of companies have used visual impact as a tool to attract more customers. And one of those ways that they often use is avatars.

In addition, the avatars can represent someone in online community and advertise someone’s personal brand. It requires everyone that they ought to have his or her professional personal branding if they want to get closer to success. So it is pretty clear to possess an attractive avatar because the chances to be successful are likely to happen in the future.

Here it is. Today I will introduce the software that can change your online appearance to a professional level. It is Avatar Genie Pro, the software for you to create your avatars online.

Avatar Genie Pro Review — What is Avatar Genie Pro?

Vendor: June Ashley

Product: Avatar Genie Pro

Launch Date: 2016–06–03

Launch Time: 09:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $37

Niche: Software

Avatar Genie Pro was developed by June Ashley and her team workers, namely Kayte Lee and Edmund Loh. It is a latest web based app that you can go for designing any animated avatars from a large number of costumes and poses. Even small details like hairstyles or accessories are also provided with unlimited options.

Avatar Genie Pro is one of the effective tools to build avatar design. With the help of software, you will shorten time to build your image library and can create rich resource for many different purposes. The tool is designed for human closeness. It’s totally friendly with users, no matter who you are. If you intend to build an affiliate site, Avatar Genie Pro is a perfect choice which helps you have unique logo and advertise. Most of these sites require interface to be well-designed, attractive, and it’s easy to impress customers. With extremely rich resources, this tool will allow you to design creatively based on their own template samples.

Let’s start to visualize the appearance of the characters. How do they look like? You also have the choice to decide how your characters will be. Avatar Genie Pro gives you much freedom than you think to decide whatever you want your characters will be within some minutes and clicks.

So at this moment, your worry about a personal image can be eliminated thanks to Avatar Genie Pro. Not only can you set it up as an official image that represents you on social networks such as Facebook, but you can also get your customers attracted by a professional presence at work or in business cooperation.

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Avatar Genie Pro Review — Avatar Genie Pro Functions

We will focus on how Avatar Genie Pro uses its function to help you with a stunning personal look on the Internet. First, take a look at the dashboard. What you see now is the action “Create New Avatar” on your left-hand side. You choose the gender if your character is male or female. Afterward, the dashboard will display a set of various poses such as Arms Folded, Featuring, Pointing (Up/Down/Right/Left). Here you can choose those positions that you feel most interesting then give your character a name to remember.

Now we move on to some more steps of the avatar making process. We previously choose the positions of the avatar, now choose its skin color, hair style and color, face and lastly eye color. Each of the features provides you with various options to follow. The last step is to choose the clothes for your avatar. You do the same as what you have done you, starting from the top of the avatar and then the bottom, then move to the accessories. Some sets of clothes can be optional unless you choose separate clothes.

Avatar Genie Pro Review — Avatar Genie Pro Advantages

When you use Avatar Genie Pro, the new avatar can help you to:

• Represent your business or job

• Design covers

• Produce websites or logo

• Design packaging

• Promote and sell your products

• Do marketing more effectively

• Connect with more people on social media

And more things will be discovered with the help of Avatar Genie Pro.

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Avatar Genie Pro Review — Conclusion

Avatar Genie Pro is a good tool to build characters effectively. You will quickly master this software thanks to its extremely intuitive interface. I believe that by investing money in this software, you will rapidly impress visitors. Through Avatar Genie Pro review, I hope what I have presented will help you gain more profit from their products.

Thank you for your reading!