Make my video go viral.

We sit down in the conference room that is uncomfortably big for the amount of people in the meeting and we shake hands with all there. We talk about the traffic getting there, the parking garage ticket system not working and the obligatory weather comment. After some back and forth about kids and ADHD and blah blah blah we finally get down to talking about our video story platforms.

Our creative director asks the company Director of Marketing what the end game is for their video story and what they truly hope comes of the effort and money spent for this production. And like the sound of car crash, a baby crying at 3am or the weekly radio emergency broadcast test, the marketing specialist says, “We want it to go viral.” Hey no problem! We will go back in time to 2007 and put a logo on the high-chair of Charlie who bit his brothers finger and watch the dollars roll in. (Go ahead, watch it again.)

The word viral is the new term that encapsulates “marketing dollars at work.” Sure we would all love for our stuff to go viral. We would love all of our stuff to end up on Ellen but that isn’t going to happen unless what you create is truly different and unexpected. Also a killer syndication network wouldn’t hurt.

You will not get 85 million views on your video (silly Charlie) — can we all just agree on that? However, we could get that little video of yours to go “local viral”. We don’t mean just around your office but to your local network of clients, employees or prospects. You could turn your 2-minute employee profile of the single mom, the retiree who has been there 38 years or the CEO who just donated money to build schools and hospitals into instant buzz. Imagine the feeling of being blissfully aware of those that watched the video because you would hear from them and in some cases even sell them.