My quick take on Coca-Cola Life drink

A Coke that’s not red, hmmm….

Just recently at the grocery store, I spotted a different looking Coca-Cola drink. It was green and it said Coca-Cola Life. I remember seeing these on the store shelves quite while ago and now since I’ve unfortunately started drinking caffeinated drinks again, I decided to give a go and have a try of the new kind of Coke.

First and foremost a shoutout goes to Coca-Cola for choosing the type of green that’s pretty and eye catching that’s in the can. I guess you can’t think about life, without thinking of the color from trees and manicured lawn grasses. What makes this Coke different is, that it has Stevia to go along with pure cane sugar. Until trying this drink, I’ve never had a drink that had Stevia before.

The taste try

The taste of the Coca-Cola Life was more like a flat taste than in a regular Coca-Cola. For a second when testing the drink, I checked to see if the can has expired. Luckily the drink wasn’t expired. You can barely taste the carbonation of the drink. The pure cane sugar was hardly present but you can taste the Stevia at the end of each sip.

The taste of drinking Coca-Cola Life reminded me of when I tried those Red Bull’s natural cola drinks in the late 2000’s. But those colas had no carbonation in the skinny soda drinks.

The Verdict

Coca-Cola Life I guess is Coca-Cola’s attempt to make a classic Coke into a healthier drink and in my opinion, it isn’t that great so stop it right there Coca-Cola and focus on continuing making your classic red liveried drinks. I mean it’s not a bad attempt but, it’s definitely something that I most likely won’t buy again either.

So that’s a “no” to Coca-Cola Life soda drinks in my book.