I just uploaded any pic on my first article on Medium

This was my first time writing a blog post on Medium.

One for the road

Here I’ve been messing around with this thing for almost an hour. I’ve learned some good things about it and some bad things. I do like this platform and I do see potential in it. Hope maybe I can get an audience on this platform because this platform reminds me of Tumblr without all the junk and crud with GIFs and crap. I like the minimalistic layout of the platform and don’t have to worry about setting the widgets of a WordPress blog and such.

Count me in

I see myself definitely using this platform down the road once I get my shit together. Maybe use this platform when I want something that isn’t so media intensive like on a WordPress blog site. This could be something like what a blog is supposed to be. Maybe, I don’t know. Though I do want some type of editor instead of once you hit Publish. That’s it, everything is permanent until you hit the delete post function.

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